Boards to support dual monitors with I-5 2400 HD

This is my first PC build in a many, many years so would appreciate the gang's advice. I've picked up an Intel I-5 2400 and figure since the onboard Intel HD supposedly supports dual monitors I'd give that a try before deciding whether I care to pick up a graphics card. Not planning on gaming, but doing programming, photoshop, & CAD work, so two monitors are important for me.
Which motherboards should I be looking at to support the dual video from the I-5?
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  1. Basically anything that has two outputs will support dual monitors. You will want any of H61, H67, or most likely, Z68, chipsets. Just FYI, only the Z68 can overclock of those three.

    By CAD do you mean 3D, or just 2D? Because if you mean 3D, I would expect you will probably need a graphics card.
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