Problem with my new gpu msi 460gtx hawk


I've just purchased a new GPU the msi n460gtx hawk edition, was very excited until I started playing starcraft2 the mobo or gpu is constantly beeping and then it stops for couple of minutes and later comes back. Whenever my system is under heavy load like watching HD videos or playing games that's when the beep starts.

It happened when I got this new GPU I am pretty sure I've connected it well and the gpu is seated well.
I'm not sure where the beeping comes its either the mobo or gpu. and I actually noticed whenever the gpu hits 35-40 the beeping starts. its quite strange and when it hits over 40+ it stops. I have no problems playing games getting excellent FPS. and system doesn't shut down. I think this is a heat sensor problem/ might be the PSU or cpu. this is a confusing issue never had it before and I couldn't find a concrete solution in the inet :(

It's really annoying I can't focus playing games :/ I just want this beep to go away.

Please help

Q6600 @2.4ghz factory settings
N460GTX 1GB edition
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  1. You can try different 6pin power connector from your PSU. You've said that this problem never happened before, right? So, If this is still continue then I think you got a faulty card, you can RMA it to get replacement...
  2. Yes, it didn't happen before. I'll be taking my system this coming Thursday. I'll be upgrading my OS and add more rams. This will freshen up the system and I'll see if there's a fix to it. If not then it's a total loss for me since I ordered this gpu online and once it's delivered overseas the warranty won't be valid :( I wasted big money for this; shipment+customs here "Kuwait". It took a while to be delivered here :/
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