Video Pixelated also very slow, Laptop not recognising the driver ?


I recently updated my laptop with windows 7 32 bit and ive installed the ATI catalyst driver but when i go to device manager it seems to not have recognised my driver and still says Standard VGA driver so when i watch videos on youtube or even on windows media player its very pixelated and low quality.

Before this i had windows xp and when i use to install xp driver it used to work perfectly as the laptop would recognise the graphics device. I tried installing the XP driver for my ati graphics but it obviously dint work as im on win 7 now so i was wondering if any of you know anything about this.


my graphic device is : ATI Radeo Xpress 200M Series
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  1. ATI Radeon Xpress is a mobo chipset including an integrated gpu, so normal catalysts wont work and if you go to the amds website and search for the drivers, there aren't any for win 7, only xp version is available
    in the 'download drivers' in top right, choose motherboard/chipset; Radeon Xpress series; 200M; and the for os it only lists win xp. So you're out of luck, unless the laptop maker has made their own version of the driver that supports win 7.
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