GTX260 Win7 x64 vs WinXP x86

Hello community,
Today I installed Win7 x64 on a sepperate partition on the harddrive. On the other partition I still have my trusty old WinXP x86. I connect my LG 42LH4000 to my computer using DVI. I setup a custom resolution on Windows XP at 1920x1080 and it has worked perfectly ever since. High res, great quality. Installed Windows 7, installed the most recent nvidia drivers, but the general image quality is low. The resolution will not go beyond 1360x768.

Overall it appears blurry. Trying to setup a Custom Resolution in Nvidia Control Panel only gives me the message "Resolution is not supported by your display." I even tried entering the exact same "Timing" settings manually from my WinXP installation. I don't know what causes the problem.

Windows Update has no graphic updates anymore.

Is there a problem with x64/Win7 and Nvidia in general? Thanks in advance for your responses.

Ps.: System specs
Intel 2140 @1.60Ghz
2 GB Ram
Nvidia GTX260
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  1. You must install separated drivers for your card, you are using 2 OS (32bit and 64bit) so you must install both of drivers (32bit and 64bit).
  2. Hello, thanks for the reply!
    However, I already installed the latest Windows 7 x64 drivers off the Nvidia website. Downloaded and installed while being on Windows 7. Nvidia Control Panels says everything is installed correctly. The quality is horrible though.

    The driver i installed is version 260.99
    I'm now trying an older version, 260.89

    My windows XP still runs fine, using the latest drivers available for it.
    Are you saying I need to install the x86 drivers on my Windows 7 x64...?
  3. You've said that you has two OS, right? On different directories (i.e C:\ and D:\), right? So you must install the 32bit driver on winXP directory and 64bit driver on win7 directory...
  4. Well, thanks again for the reply, but please read my posts more carefully.
  5. I'm sorry, I missed read that info.
    This is can be troublesome since I never tried dual boot OS before.

    Anyone can help us?
  6. I found a solution to my problem, although I doubt I could explain exactly what I did.
    The solution was actually right here on the forum for the most part!

    That is a closed thread. For some reason, the links in his article are dead...
    Either way, here's my explanation of what I remember I have done:

    -Installed Powerstrip
    -Somehow managed to use Powerstrip to change the Windows "Generic PnP Monitor" driver, to make Windows 7 believe the monitor(my 42" HDTV) supports 1920x1080 resolution.
    -That let me set the resolution in the default Windows 7 Display Options, however that made everything very blurry.
    -I then went into Nvidia Control Panel and it appeared that *now* the resolution was actually recoqnized as a Custom resolution.
    -From there on, I was able to Customize the custom resolution and I changed the Timings, who were still set to the default 1360x768! I changed those to 1920x1080.
    -I also copied the other technical details from my Windows XP settings to these in Windows 7. I do not know what the details mean exactly.

    So thanks to bird391 for finding this solution.
    I didn't follow his instructions precisely, but i'm sure if you would, they will lead to the sollution.

    Thanks for the effort to help though, wa1!
  7. Oh i see it blocked my link now too. Well, bird391's thread is called:

    window monitor 1680x1050 1920x1080 resolution here
  8. I don't know what you plan to do with that GTX 260, but your E-2140 CPU is a massive bottleneck for that card in gaming. Consider buying a Pentium D E6800... Just my 2 cents :)
  9. Thanks for the responses!

    I actually thought (and have been told) the same thing! The Windows Experience Index in Windows 7 gives my processor (and RAM) the lowest score in the list! Now i'm trying to figure out what Processor would be the best I could fit on my mainboard.. Posting that in the appropriate forum though. (If there is one, lets see)

    I have both Operating Systems completely sepperated (I don't cross-launch any programs, except for some games that run in Compatability mode)
    Also, the main reason why I didn't perform an upgrade right away, is because I wanted to just try Windows 7 first and have something to fall back on if it didn't work the way I would have hoped.

    But I understand your point. I will eventually wipe my Hard Disk (Get a faster one even) and install Windows 7 x64 clean.

    Moderators, my problem as stated in the OP is fixed! Thanks everyone!
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