Black screen on boot, was my cpu DOA?

I recently bought a Pentium E5700 to replace my old Pentium D. When I installed my new CPU all I got was a black screen. The mother board light is on the fans everything. A friend and I tested all the hardware, we took the battery out to set the bios, started it with 1 stick of ram. We tired everything we could think of. I have a P5n-E sli mobo. I got the recommendation for it from someone on here so I'm sure all the components are compatible. I put my old cpu in and everything is working fine. All my friends run AMD so I have no there way of checking to see if it works or not. So did i just get unlucky and end up with a DOA? Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. So I just download P5N-E SLI BIOS 1406, right? I've never had to update bios, so im pretty intimidated by it. I always read this horror stories. If anything goes wrong is there a way to reset it to previous? I'll give it a shot tomorrow. Would be nice if thats what it is. :)
  2. Motherboard comes with ASUS EZ Flash 2 which can be accessed when you see the Asus logo at boot or via the bios. Put the old 'D' back in and download latest bios version, extract to a USB pendrive formatted as FAT/FAT32, fire up EZ Flash and point it to the file and let it do its job. Once done, let it reset and check the bios to see if it has changed versions, shutdown and put new cpu in and you good to go.
  3. I just tired to update it and it said, "downgraded ROM file was not suitable for the system" not sure what else do to. Its a lot newer bios so im not sure why i'd say that. ty for the help and speedy replies.
  4. Quote:
    Download CPU-Z, go to the 'mainboard' tab and then check the bios 'version' against the latest BIOS, if its older, then you should retry the update, and use some guide online to help, and if its newer post back here for more help. if it doesnt work again i would go and ask on the ASUS forums.

    I did the CPU-Z and im running 0401 bios so the ones im trying to upgrade to are much newer. I ran across those posts earlier today. I'm pretty intimated by messing with the bios... oh does anyone know if the Asus live updater is good to use. I read a post about someone using it with the some problem i have, but i seen a few other saying they wouldnt trust it. Also if i some how mess it up is there a way to reset my bios easily to fix it? I'm just worried i'll ruin it all.
  5. ok, so there really isn't much to worry about if i mess up my bios i can just reset them to how they where pretty easy. lol I just didn't wanna type something wrong and end up with a nice motherboard paper weight. XD Its kinda annoying because when I first got the mobo it said it supported that CPU. Well I guess I'll give it a shot tomorrow hopefully all goes well. Thanks a ton for all the help! :)
  6. I'm now having trouble setting up my usb stick as bootable. From what I understand I has to make my usb stick bootable, put the bios flash tool and bios on there. But i just cant seem to make my stick bootable. >.< Everything i've looked out just shows me how to put windows on it. Any help would be awesome. I feel stupid for having to constantly ask everyone on these forums for help. Sorry for the double post.

    [Edit] I tired using HP usb disk storage format tool. I cant figure out where "using DOS system files located at" thingie is. -_- all this to install a new cpu that my mobo should have been able to use in the first place. /cry
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