Fractal R3 Fan Controller not working

The Fractal R3 comes with a little dinky 3 fan controller. It just has one knob and fits in a PCI slot at the back. I assume if you plug in three case fans the knob will set them all at the same speed. However, I've only got one plugged in, my front intake fan (the back exhaust fan is plugged directly into a three pin slot on the motherboard - ASRock P67 Extreme 4). Now, my problem is, no matter how I adjust the knob, the front fan is going at full strength. Should the knob be adjusting it instantaneously? Do I need to reboot the computer? My first instinct would be that the connectors aren't installed right, but that can't be, because the fan is going and its only source of power is the fan controller. So I know it must be plugged in.

Do I just have a defective controller? Or am I missing something?
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  1. Ok, so upon further investigation, the fan controller DOES work. If I stick my ear right up to the fans and adjust the controller dial, I can hear them speeding up or slowing down. They are just very very quiet fans so the difference is subtle. Strangely the fan controller cannot turn them all the way off, which seems odd to me.

    What IS making the noise I don't like is my Hyper 212 cpu fan. I'm wondering if I have the thing set for full auto or something in the BIOS, because it's running all out all the time, and it's the noisiest thing in my system at the moment.
  2. Bingo. My ASRock P67 Extreme 4 UEFI has set CPU Fan to Full On. Now I'm going to change it to Automatic mode. However, it wants a target CPU temperature and a Target Fan Speed. I have no idea what I want for these values. Any suggestions?

    Right now here's my setup:
    Los Angeles, CA (ambient temp in house 70-80).
    i7 2600k (not overclocked at the moment, but will in the future mildly)
    Radeon 6950 (stock clock, may overclock a bit mildly)
    Hyper 212 w/ 1 fan
    1 stock front intake fan
    1 stock rear exhaust fan
    Antec True Power 750w
    1 Spinpoint F3 1TB
    1 Crucial C300 (not much heat there)

    CPU Temp: 40.5 C
    MB Temp: 37.0 C

    So what should I set my target cpu temp? The default is 50 C. And target fan speed? Ideally I want a near-silent PC (everything's working in that direction already except for the CPU cooler. Shouldn't the fan speed adjust automatically based on my target temp? Seems weird that they want me to set both a target temp and fan speed.
  3. Make sure Q-Fan is setup or whatever the smart controlling thing is. You could use speedfan.

    I'm getting this case soon! Stoked to get an upgrade to my elite 430.
    Your 50 C setting sounds right. Check out the fan's RPM mine's idling at 1300-1400 right now. Use HWMonitor or any monitoring software of your choice and get back to the thread.
  4. Ok, here's an update. Running HWMonitor Pro. When I'm playing a game or video rendering, I turn the two fans (front and rear) all the way up using the fan controller. When I'm not playing games, they're turned all the way down. At stock speeds with the two stock fans, this thing isn't breaking a sweat. Sweet sweet case. And quiet.
  5. So no more noise from your CPU HSF?
  6. Nothing I can hear. As soon as I turned it to auto instead of full in the UEFI, all was well!
  7. Sweet :)
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