Upgrade 300-700?

Hi all,

Just a few questions regarding a build/upgrade up here in Canada.
Currently my 5 year old comp is an AMD 3700 (2.2ghz) that I put together myself. Upgrade to a junky ATI 2400 card a few years ago and hate it. My Nvidia Silencer 6600 was probably better.
Anyways I know my mobo needs to be replaced, and I have been looking around at a few things just looking to get some feed back on what i am missing or other suggestions.
My biggest thing is Modern warfare and hoping to get this system up to speed to handle Black Ops and other such games with much higher graphics.

I am hoping to use my Antec case, dvd burner, and other parts that dont really need replacing. I imagine my power supply probably has to be updated too.

I dont understand overclocking well enough - but if I had the right equipment (ie cooling) etc I would probably try it out.

SLI or Crossfire
- prefer to save myself the cost and buy a good card, maybe with possibility of coupling it up later if it makes sense (ie buy 2 cards for 120, or 1 card for 250)

CPU : do I go with the AMD 1090 or drop down to the 955/965 to save some coin? Does a 4core handle games like this as good or better then the 6 core?

Mobo - suggested is the Gigabyte GA-890XA-UD3 Socket AMD3 AMD 790X + SB850 Chipset Dual-Channel DDR3 1866(OC)/1333/1066 MHz 7.1- Channel HD Audio Gigabit LAN 6x SATA 6Gb/s+2x SATA3Gb/s 2x USB 3.0+13x USB 2.0 2x eSATA ATX
value : $139

Obviously some good ram, preferably around 8-16 gigs, $89 per 8gig

Video card : as said I liked my Nvidia back in the day, but it seems ATI is doing a better job? is the 5770 really good? or do I just try and go for the 6870 or a card in that series? Or am I misssing a really good Nvidia card? mind you the Mobo is not SLI but it is crossfire compatible?
5770 is about $139, 6870 is about $210, 5870 is around $300

Pretty sure I have everything else. I have 2 HD that are Sata, think the newest one is actually Sata2, about 750 gig storage.

Thanks in advance, hopefully the form is decent enough to make sense of it all.

Edit : My resolution right now is terrible, so anything better then where I am at, I think max for my monitor is 1600 x 900, but I am no where near that for gaming.
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  1. Hmm... Whats your resolution?

    If it helps, your system really has no upgrade room. You'd be better of with a rebuild instead and keep this as a daily browser.

    Check out my builds in my siggy. It offers much insight, course I say that because I wrote it. You could keep one or both of your HDDs and stick them in your new system to save some cash.

    Btw, don't go for the 5770, just not worth it at its cost. Your better off spending the extra for the 460 768mb or the 6850 1GB.
  2. Hmm for $652AR : full blown 955BE + HD 6870 and crossfire capable on a USB/SATA 3.0 platform ^^
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