To buy or not to buy lvl 10 case

I am very interested in buying the Thermaltake lvl 10 case i can get it for 599$ brand new. No i am talking about the orginal full aluminum one not the POS lvl 10 gt lol.

Does anyone have personal experiance with this case or not? All that i know it everything is seperated and the cooling is great.

This would be the build.

ax1200 gold psu--corsair
2600k-overclocked to 4.8ghz--h50 for cooler
16gb corsair dominator
2x evga gtx 590's
mobo is the evga p67-ftw
3x2tb hdds
2x 500gb ssd's
1bluray burner
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  1. I haven't seen any good reviews of that case. It's smaller on the inside then it should, and has issues holding the big cards. I wouldn't pay a lot of money for it.
  2. Well the list price is 700$ on amazon I can get it for less, or is this case more a less a part of BMW/thermaltake art lol.
  3. Do you see the first line in my signature? I would never spend $500 on a case, even if everywhere else its $700. More so if I think its ugly, or if it can't hold the big cards. If you think it looks great and will never buy a long video card then its the case for you.
  4. Thermaltake says a 590 will fit.
    Jeez, you've got a budget. Even so, it would probably be worth going 3x580 SLI instead of 2x590. Around the same price, and better performance. Can the lvl 10 fit 3 cards?
  5. no i have a upgrading issue lol
  6. It's a giant pile of crap. Get an 800D and watercool or get an FT02 for aircooling
  7. I have a 800d
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