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Computer restarts during gaming

A couple of months ago I went out and bought a new PC, and moved the motherboard along with the RAM and hard-drive into my older bigger computer case so I could fit my old video card into it. Ever since, my computer randomly restarts in the middle of a game, and sometimes (very seldomly) restarts while browsing the web. While playing Black OPs, the screen will freeze for 2-4 seconds, and the sound will stutter, and it powers down for a few seconds, and restarts. Other times, the picture doesn't freeze, and it just powers down, and starts back up. I checked the temperatures I don't believe that it is overheating. It has probably restarted 50+ times, and probably about 3 of those times I saw an error message stating: CMOS check-sum error. From what I understand that most likely just takes a battery replacement to clear up, however my computer time and calendar settings have not been screwed up. I don't know if these are two separate problems or not. If I left anything out let me know, I am not very computer savvy, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

System specs:

Windows 7 64-bit OS
Intel Core i3 CPU 530@2.93GHz
ATI Radeon 5770
750W Power supply

also, just installed MSI Afterburner, and played about 4 wager matches. MSI showed peak GPU temp at 91°C, and the GPU usage at 99 at one point. I have been running my PC with the side completely off.
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  1. 5770 at 91 c yikes... on this subject i can only think bad airflow but with the side of the case of, that means good ventilation provided you don't live in an active volcano (please confirm this as if you are living in an active volcano i will suggest relocating for your own saftey)
    check to make sure the fan on the card is actually blowing. if it isn't... heck even if it is... at those temps i'd rma stating its overheating

    as for reasons for the random restarts I'd say might be due to power draw durring gaming depending on your psu, what 750 watt psu do you use? that way we cna be sure you have the requires amperage across rails

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  2. I am actually in a room thats around 60F, no active volcano heh. The fan on the card is running and speeds up while gaming, although im sure it has never ran at 100%, because I have set it at 100 and I have never heard it run that loud before. BFG Tech GS-650 is the PSU I have, thanks for the help :D
  3. bfg psu's ...

    not the best but not the worst, the gs were better than the gr for what its worth

    bfg's decition to put lifetime warrenties on mediocre parts is in the end what killed them. they had to honor thier lifetime warrenties which got pricey especially when parts do wear out naturally

    as for the graphics card if its 60 f and you are getting to 90c ... thats a problem, with fan manualy set to 100% how hot does it get durring gameplay? i woudl also suggest making sure you have the latest drivers for the 5770.

    if you are comfortable with it i might suggest putting as5 thermal paste between the ehat sink on the graphics card and chip. this will require cleaning the old stuff off with alcohol (thenol pref 90%+) but this might void your warrenty if it still has one
  4. I will try a few games with 100% fan speed and see how the temp looks. As for using thermal paste on the card, have never done this but I am willing to give it a try. If I have to get a new card I will do so, I just really want to fix this restart issue, and hopefully can pinpoint what is causing it :(
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    providing it is working properly hte psu can push your cpu and graphics card. it sounds liek its possibly overheating issue but perhaps the fan controller wasn't spinning it up fast enough to properly cool it.

    could eb a faulty card i'd check and see if its still under warrenty before changing the thermal paste though
  6. I just got it down to a max of 69°C while gaming with the fan at 100% :D . Previously my fan would only go up to 65% and that's when the temp was around 90. So I guess the fan controller wasn't doing its job, is there a way to fix this, or will I have to manually set it each time before gaming to 100%?
  7. update the drivers to the latest drivers and see if that fixes it, if not then looks like gonna have to be manual adjust :( i had to do that to my old 8500gt but you get used to it. after a few tiems it becomes a habit, even now i try to manually set my gts 450 fan up then realise i don't haev to after i do. i hope the overheating is what was causing your system crashes. lets hope its solved but only time will tell
  8. Yea, I will get used to it I'm sure. Thanks again for all of your help, I really appreciate your time
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