Gateway nv7802u

I have a gateway nv7802u laptop with a display problem.
The bottom like 2 inches of the screen is jumbled and is not displaying properly. sometimes its the center six inches that wont display properly

It works fine with an external display, so I thought maybe the inverter was bad.
I looked everywhere and cannot find one, so I took it apart to get the part number from the inverter and much to my surprise I cant fine it.

Any help ? thanks
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  1. Just got off an online chat with gateway and all they did was give me a part # for LCD and couldnt tell me if there is an inverter in this thing or not.
    This is frustrating I dont want to buy a new LCD for this thing if it isnt the fix.

    But like I said I can find no Inverter anywhere, still looking for some info or insight if anyone has any.

    Once again the display on the LCD is all jumbled and does not display correctly but works fine on external display.
  2. Thank you for the reply

    However that is the first place I looked for an Inverter, and there are none to be had for a Gateway NV7802U


    Still looking for help
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