Can I use the remaining space on HDD besides the one created on RAID?

I have 64gb SSD and a 1TB HDD. I want to install SRT. I made RAID 0 with maximum allowed of 119gb. On windows, it only shows the space created on RAID. Does this mean that the space available on my computer is 119gb excluding Windows7 program installed? What happens when I use up the 119gb space, will my computer allow me to use the other space available on my HDD or limit my space? And will setting up Smart Response Technology be better than just installing the Windows 7 on my 64gb SSD? Please help. Thank you!
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  1. With RAID 0, if you use two drives of different capacity, your total capacity will be the smaller drive times 2. In this case, your total capacity with a 64 GB drive and a 1 TB drive, would be 128 GB - file system data. You will be unable to use the space not included in RAID, i.e. 960 GB.
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