Case Fan To much??

I got every thing for my computer but my fans. I built my own case and its fairly big and i was looking at this fan

But i don't really know if it over kill i was going to get 2 but that 60 bucks and i could get 5 of these that are half the CFM

I plan on overclocking my i5 200k and i got the ausu pro board.I have 4 fans already but i want this case cool but is 60 for 2 fans to much
Or should i water cool it instead of stacking a ton of fans in?
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  1. Air Flow: 210.38 CFM
    Noise Level: 64 dBA
    Can you live with that level of noise? Think of a running vacuum cleaner in the same room with you.

    What does your case look like. A picture of the case and how the current fans are set up might help.
  2. What are the fans you currently have installed? Seems like four is pretty much what a top end gaming case comes with.
  3. i can' t take a pic now cam at friends, its 23,22, 43 high pyramid shape case. i only have one fan it right now at the top for hot air out. The other fans i got to put in after i get mother board and cut the rest of the sides out for connections. And i know that one fan is really loud lol but i want it cool. :pt1cable:
  4. It's not like you're putting super hot parts into the case.
    Use the same type of fans the high performance gaming cases use.
  5. Unless you are overclocking to the moon then you do not need the delta.

    It is more reserved for benchmarking(extreme overclocking) and i have seen fans like that used in industrial UPS systems.

    What cpu cooler do you have?

    If you are after cool temperatures you can build your own multi rad water cooling system and have quiet and lots of overclocking. Its gonna cost you, but you can still hear your self think.

    Please post your case model. Many new cases are using larger fans that push more air with lower speeds to give you high performance and quieter operation.

    If you want to go with the Delta, get a fan controller to slow(even at lower speeds those things have very high static pressure) it down and place 2 in a push/pull config on a tower heatsink. That will give you cool.
  6. Are you trying to levitate the case off the desk with those things ? :)

    These make great case fans.

    Enemrax Magma
    RPM: 1500 RPM
    Air Flow: 69.15 CFM
    Noise Level: 18 dBA
    Blades removable for cleaning
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