Which i5 build to pick?

Hello again!

Which ones would you recommend to pick? And maybe I even should change something? What about case & psu?

The builds:
CPUCI5 2800/6M S1155 BX/2300 BX80623I52300 S R00D IN - 157,53€

CPUCI5 3300/6M S1155 BX/2500K BX80623I52500K S R008 IN - 199€

MB - 88,21€

MB Intel DH67BL iH67 S1155 mATX/4xDDR3/DVI/HDMI/2xUSB3.0/2xSATAIII - 84,75€

HDD - 48,17€

VGA 1GB GDDR5 PCIE16 GTX460/SXX4601024D5SNM SPARKLE - 157,43€

VGA 768MB GDDR5 PCIE16 GTX460/192B GV-N460OC-768I GIGA-BYTE - 150,95€

Apacer DDR3 4GB 1333MHz CL9.0 256x8 Retail - 34,54€


CASE PSU ATX2.3 550W/SPS-XP550.(12)R3 XILENCE - 36,79€

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    You do know that the current LGA1155 boards are being recalled for having a design flaw, right? The flaw involves a couple of the SATA II ports' speed degrading over time (approximately 3 years). There should be a revision out in a month or so.

    That said, I'd get the i5-2500K (the first one), even if it means waiting for the new motherboards. However, I'd switch the boards from an H67 chipset. The 2500K is unlocked, which means it can be overclocked. The H67 will not allow you to overclock it. However, the H67 lets you use the integrated graphics of the Sandy Bridge CPUs, but since you're using a discrete GPU, that's not needed.

    As for the boards, I'd look at the ASRock P67 Extreme4 (if it's available over there) or the Asus P8P67 Pro, if you want to SLI later. If you don't want the ability to SLI, check out the Asus P8P67-M or similar.

    GPU: There is no difference. Get the cheaper one.

    RAM: I can't read the site, so I can't find you something better. I'd want a dual channel kit (two sticks) for sure. Speed doesn't matter too much, but I'd look for either 1333 mhz/CAS Latency (timings) 7 or 1600 mhz/CL 9. Ideally, I'd want 1600 mnz/CL 7, but that might be too expensive over there.

    PSU: That's a horrible choice. You do not want to go cheap on the PSU. Looking at the brands available, I'd stick to Antec and Corsair only. Get something with at least 400W if you never want to SLI or 650W if you do.

    Case: Again, that's not a good choice. First, it's relatively low quality. Second, it's a very small case. Instead, I'd look for something like the Antec VSK-2000, Antec Two Hundred V2, or Antec Three Hundred.
  2. Hello Rensu;
    How tight is your budget? Can you get one of the 1GB GTX 460s vs the 768MB models?
  3. RAM: Kingston HYPER X Genesis 4GB DDR3 1333 CL7 50€
    I feel good about recommending this set of RAM
  4. Yeah I have heard of the errors of socket as you mentioned and they are taking back them . But would you recommend me getting then?
    I have a budget of like €800 maximum I guess. If there is a really good combo then I might even add something.

    Although here is the new one, what do you think of it?

    CPUCI5 2800/6M S1155 BX/2300 BX80623I52300 S R00D IN - 157,49€

    INTEL UATX H67 S1156 DDR3 GBE HDMI BULK - 89,99€

    Switch MB to:
    or this one


    HDD SATA 1TB 7200RPM 3GB/S/32MB HD103SJ SAMSUNG - 47,85€

    VGA 1GB GDDR5 PCIE16 GTX460/SXX4601024D5SNM SPARKLE - 158,34€

    Apacer DDR3 4GB 1333MHz CL9.0 256x8 Retail - 34,54€

    CASE Xigmatek Asgard Midi-Tower - black

    ANTEC PSU 500W 8CM ATX12V2.2 - 55,99€

    DVD-/+R/RW/-RAM12X (-/+R22X)/SATA W/SECD GH22NS40 LG - 14,28€

    MONITOR LCD 24"/WIDE BLACK W2453SQ-PF LG - 175,34€

    Maybe I should then get a other motherboard while there is such an error with them?
  5. Or maybe I should just switch to AMD? Or does it go as well for 1156 series or just 1155, I mean about the motherboards?
  6. To be completely honest, there is no reason to switch to AMD. Also, I can't justify going with the older LGA1156 socket either, as if you go with the LGA1155, you get a good 30% performance increase for about $20 more. I also can't recommend buying a defective product. What I can recommend is trying to wait for the new boards to be released. They should be out in a month or so.

    The alternative boards you listed are LGA1156 boards, and won't work with the Sandy Bridge CPU. There isn't any backwards compatibility with Intel sockets.
  7. Are you away of how much will the new boards cost and sure they will come next month? Damn I really guess I will go for AMD then, I need the computer in this month. :( Risking with the 1155 one is like lottery I guess as I understand from your words?
  8. I'm guessing the new boards will be the same price as the old ones are now. I think it's more like a revision of the board, not a new product.

    If you don't use a lot of SATA devices, I'd go with the LGA1155 board. According to Intel, the problem only affects 5% of boards (95% chance it won't matter to you). Also, the problem will take several years to develop. I believe Intel has said it manifests in about 3 years. The only time this problem has been demonstrated is during testing in Intel's labs. It has not appeared in the real world. The problem also only affect two of the SATA ports (two of them, but I don't remember which two), so you'd still have other ports to connect some HDDs, optical drives and SSDs. As long as you don't plan on having more than 4 or 5 SATA devices in total, you can plug them into different ports and never have an issue.
  9. Rensu said:
    Damn I really guess I will go for AMD then
    It's your choice.
    Here is a performance comparison between some of the Sandy Bridge CPUs and the AMD X6 1090T / X4 975BE
  10. Okey, thanks everyone for the help. What do you think about this motherboard then?
    INTEL ATX H67 S1156 DDR3 GBE HDMI BULK - 92€

    And I guess I will keep the other things like they are, or should I really buy the €20 expensive RAM? Is there that big difference?
  11. I'd rather have either the Asus P8P67-m or Asus P8P67 LE. Intel's boards are very low quality. Besides, that's an H67 chipset board, which means you won't be able to do any overclocking. The P67 doesn't support integrated graphics, but you don't need that anyway.

    If you want to try getting a high overclock, the CL 7 sticks would be better. If you don't mind not being able to get a maxed out overclock, the CL 9 sticks are fine.
  12. And for the them the CASE Xigmatek Asgard Midi-Tower - black works perfectly?
  13. It should be fine. I'd also check out all the cases I listed in the first post for a price comparison.
  14. Okey, thanks for the all help!!!!! At least I have selected the best answerer. :)

    My final PC:

    CPUCI5 3300/6M S1155 BX/2500K BX80623I52500K S R008 IN - 199€
    ASUS S1155 P67 DDR3 SATA6 GBE FW ATX - 119,40€
    HDD SATA 1TB 7200RPM 3GB/S/32MB HD103SJ SAMSUNG - 47,87€
    VGA 1GB GDDR5 PCIE16 GTX460/SXX4601024D5SNM SPARKLE - 157,12€
    2x MEMORY DIMM 2GB PC10600 DDR3/HYPERX KINGSTON - 2 x 23,25€
    Xigmatek Asgard Midi-Tower - black - 38€
    ANTEC VSK-2000 CASE NO PSU - 45,88€
    ANTEC PSU 500W 8CM ATX12V2.2 - 55,99€
    MONITOR LCD 24"/WIDE BLACK W2453SQ-PF LG - 175,34€
    DVD-/+R/RW/-RAM12X (-/+R22X)/SATA W/SECD GH22NS40 LG - 14,16€

    Anything now to change? :)
  15. You have two cases in the list:
    Xigmatek Asgard Midi-Tower
  16. It all looks good. Make sure that the DVD drive is the cheapest SATA burner you can find. There is no real difference between brands or models, so you might as well minimize how much you're paying for one.

    Also, if you go with the Xigmatek case, I'd consider getting another case fan, probably a 120mm one, but I'm not sure what size. That case only has a single fan at the back, which typically isn't the best cooling setup.
  17. There were actually 3 cases in your list. Here is the 3rd: ANTEC VSK-2000 CASE NO PSU

    Instead of buying two single sticks of RAM get one 4GB (2x2GB) Kit for a set of matched RAM.
    Kingston HYPER X 4GB 1600MHZ DDR3 50.79 €

    Everything else looks good.
  18. Yeah, there were 3 cases since I don't really know which one to pick. :D One is really cheap but meanwhile another one is somewhat expensive. That's why I putted 3 into the list to find out which one to pick. And does Xigmatek really need another fan? One friend of mine has the Xigmatek one and the temp was really good for his setup, and he had something like i3 and 5670.
  19. Your GTX 460 is quite a bit more powerful than his HD 5670 but it has a decent cooling system of it's own.
    I think it's safe to use the case with it's stock fans. If you notice the case having trouble keeping the system cool, you can always add an extra fan later.
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