Need Help with Router Settings Menu

Hi, I'm having trouble getting into the settings menu for my linksys router.

It is a Wireless-G Broadband Router, Model WRT54G. It works great at the moment, but I would like to get into the menu settings to change the WPA key to a WEP key, or at least see what the current WPA key is. I've tried typing in the IP address for it, but a blank screen comes up after I enter my in my username/password?

Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Refer to the literature which came with it for the default Username (usually admin) and Password (often password). See also the full manual, either on CD or from Linksys support site.

    Incidentally while you may have a good reason to change from WPA to WEP, WEP is not secure.
  2. Yes, I am informed that the WEP is more insecure.

    The thing is though, I know my password and username and even entered it, except once it lets me into the page, the linksys page comes up, but theres no categories. They are all blank, and there is just one other category labeled "&".

    Weird huh?
  3. Sounds like the router might be corrupted. Routers are not exactly the most robust devices. They're far more buggy than most ppl might imagine. And given how few modifications are made to the router by the average user, it’s usually just easier to do a factory reset and start over. Worst case, you have to reestablish the administrative username/password and wireless security. No big deal.
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