Will 500W Max PS work for this setup

I just got my parts together to build a new system. I was going to use the same case/PS as before to save $.

PS: Antec Earthwatts 500w Max

System: GA x58A-UD3R
I7 950 3.06 1366
Saphire 5770
Cooler Master V8
HD x 3 (maybe raid 5 later with 2Tx3)
(If needed I can run off one 2T HD)

I burned up a PS before and it ruined the MB, HD, Vid etc... NewEgg says I need about 516w for this and it doesn't count for the Cooler Master V8.

Will I need a 600 or more?

If so, I'd be looking for a good deal on one if anyone know of one.
Thanks, KarlJay
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  1. http://www.extreme.outervision.com/psucalculator.jsp

    use this calc instead

    it comes out with 361W needed. You'll be fine
  2. That Antec would bee more than enough for your needs (unless your planning on overclocking both the CPU and GPU significantly) I am running a much more power hungry set up on a Corsair 550w PSU and it is working out great for me. Antec and Corsair (and a few other companies that im completely drawing a blank on) make the best PSUs and they usually are quiet reliable and will provide there advertised max power continuously (if needed) without problem. So you should have nothing to worry about.

    I am running 7 case fans (thats including 2 push-pull 120mm CPU fans, and a high performance fan), an overclocked Phenom x6 @3.9GHz, a overclocked GTX460, along with an optical drive, HDD, and usually at least 2 or 3 things that are usb powered at the same time. And never once have I noticed any stress or whatever on my PSU.
  3. I think the Antec 500w PSU (probably bundled together in the Sonata case) would be just fine for what you have there. You could even run on the 380w Antec PSU too, but would minimize your upgrades later (if you decide to upgrade or add additional parts too).
  4. Hello KarlJay;
    They were probably recommending 516W in a generic PSU.
    The Antec Earthwatts is much better than your typical budget $20 PSU.
    Antec EarthWatts 500 W Power Supply Review

    Even with the CM V8 cooler and it's fan added the EA 500S PSU is a good, safe choice.

    But if you want a little more power in the same price range or a bit lower:
    CORSAIR Builder Series CMPSU-600CX 600W $70 & $10 rebate plus 10% off promo code PSU11FEB
  5. KarlJay said:
    I just got my parts together to build a new system. I was going to use the same case/PS as before to save $
    lunyone is right;
    If you already own the Earthwatts 500W PSU you're safe to reuse it with the new parts.

    @ lunyone;
    Good catch.
  6. Thanks WR2, I have had 1 Antec Sonata case/PSU combo and it's still running strong after 4-5 years:) I do like the Antec NSK cases w/the 380w PSU for good budget gaming rigs that don't require too high end of a GPU. I have about 3 of them around still kicking, so I'm partial to them due to the good results that I've had:)
  7. Great response, thanks guys!
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