Anyone know anything about Inno3D Cards?

I want to buy an Inno3D GTS 450 Card, but I'm a bit confused.
I have a choice between 2 models, but I can't tell the difference!
Here are the 2 models below, they're both priced roughly the same:


The both have the same GPU and memory speeds, and they both
seem to use the stock cooler (not the I-Chill cooler), also from what
I can see, neither is OC'd either! I'm really confused, please help.
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  1. Flip a Coin.
  2. I've got another one for you...


    Both have the I-Chill cooler, both are factory OC'd to 820/3800.

    WHAT THE HELL!!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh!!! :(
  3. difference in ram size? i know they offer 512 and 1gb versions. Maybe a slight difference on the cooler... I have an inno 3d 8800gts and its been going strong since 2007 and is heavily overclocked
  4. No, they're all 1GB versions as far as I know. I contacted Inno3D yesterday, so far I've found out (In very broken English) that the N450-1DDN-D5CWX is OC'd, but still uses the stock cooler and the C450-1DDN-D5CWX is also OC'd, but uses a Dual-Fan I-Chill Cooler.

    Still Don't know the difference between
  5. Actually 1SDN has different cooler from 1DDN.

    N450-1SDN-D5CW means:
    N - Nvidia
    1 - revision (1,2,3...)
    S - specific cooler (D-default, S - specific)
    D - packing (Default, Specific)
    N - accessory (V=Value, N=Standart,D=Deluxe)
    - ---
    D - memory (D-1Gb, C-512M, E - 2Gb)
    5 - memory type (5-GDDR5, 3-GDDR3, 2- DDR2...)
    C - memory bus (C=128bit, D=256bit, H=384bit etc.)
    W - Output (W=DualDVI+HDMI, V=DualDVI, X=DVI+VGA+HDMI etc...)
  6. Thanks for the info. Eventually I gave up and bought an EVGA GTS 450 SC. But this info will come in handy should I decide to go Inno.
  7. this info is valid for all Inno3D products.
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