Sparkle Calibre Series GTX 460

Hey there ya'll!

My XFX 9800 GTX 512 died (I think it overheated), and I settled on replacing it with one of two cards:

Sparkle Calibre Geforce GTX 460

MSI Hawk GeForce GTX 460

I really like the lifetime warranty that comes with the Sparkle, and I think I prefer that card overall, but then I could get a pretty good deal on MSI's card right now.

So two questions:

Which card do you think is better and/or a better buy (they both retail at $209 USD)?

Where can I find the Sparkle card? Newegg stocked it as recently as last week, but they ran out of stock and don't even list it anymore.

Thanks in advance guys!

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  1. The HAWK is 160 after MIR now and there is very little difference in clocks between the 2. The Hawk is a better buy considering that it's cheaper and is actually available. A 460 even at those clock speeds doesn't justify that ridiculously huge 3 slot cooler, and 3 year vs. lifetime warranty isn't a big selling point for me when dealing with products that will be obsolete in less time than that. Also I would consider MSI to be a more reputable manufacturer than sparkle in general, although the only thing I personally ever owned from sparkle was an old cheap power supply.
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