New computer parts installed now how do I use them(overclocking)

Ok guys I need quite a bit of help so If you can and want to bare with me, I just bought a new motherboard,CPU, internal memory(RAM), Video card, and PSU everything was exactly within my budget so during the course of helping me please dont say "well you cant do_____ properly so return it and go buy this instead which happens to be 50 bucks more" I have no more money so that solution will always be a no go. also here are links to the Items I have bought (so you can view them in better detail) as well as a copy of my PCs Diagnostics (see bottom for Diagnostics)

Video card-

Software I am using
Latest version of Catalyst Control center
Latest drivers for everything including windows

Ok first off whenever I turn on my computer the very first boot up screen that comes on that allows me to press DEL for BIOS ect, it also says Press F3 to Unlock 3rd core when I do that it then says Press F4 to Unlock 4th core and when I press that it goes back to asking me to press F3 for the 3rd core if I press nothing or press either windows continues to boot up normally, but what does this mean are some of the cores in my CPU not activated are they supposed to be how do I get all the cores to work when they are supposed to if they arnt already.

Moving on...I have used CCC(Catalyst Control Center) to overclock my Video card(Auto-tune feature) and I have been testing it on Far cry 2...the game is automatically set to the highest graphics possible(I assume because it reads that my PC can handle it) so I left it there and after about 20-30 min of game play, my video feed crashes(I can still hear the game running when I get black screened So I assume it is the video card and not other things) because of this I leave CCC open during the game and switch to it frequently to monitor the temprature and it never goes above 60 degrees Celsius I did a bit of research about what temprature it should be running and I was surprised to see ppl say that the absolute max be4 it burns up is 90 to 100 Celsius... not sure if they are full of crap, but if not I don't think 30-40 degrees lower should be affecting my card as such... I also set the overclock back to default and I am still having crashes during the game....maybe the graphics are to high but if that were the case I figured the game would atleast lag or something so I am not convinced of that being the problem

On to overclocking Newegg sent me a CD with Toverclocker software for overclocking my CPU and my RAM...when I try to use the auto tune feature of that program it just crashes my computer after testing too high I guess so maybe I should not be using that program and you can reccomend me another or perhaps auto-tune features suck and I need to learn how to overclock myself in which case I will ask how lol...I am not exactly familiar with too high or too low Mhz/Ghz as well as how much voltage should be distributed...all I want is SAFELY overclocked hardware that will not blow up my computer lols

I know quite a bit about computers but I understand that I also have alot to learn so like I said only post if you have the patience to deal with me lols and I would also ask only post if you have something useful to say please don't post saying things like...if you don't know how to overclock then don't bother...please only post if you are a knowledgeable/helpful/and patient person thabkyou and I look forward to reading from you guys

P.S. I deleted certain things from the diagnostics to shorten it a bit that did not seem important....if you need to see it all simply ask
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  1. jesus thats a lot of text
    those temperatures are fine, something else is the problem.
  2. Sorry for edit your thread, I delete a lot of things that we don't need.

    Check this:

    Can help you a lot.
  3. Thanks Saint looks like I have work to do now lols

    @kajabla Ya I figured as much but what could it be I am gonna try to follow that guide but I doubt my stock processor is having trouble handling that game so idk whats going on
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