Which gtx 460 is best

im getting a gtx 460 but i dont know which 1 to get.
i looking at gtx 460 asus top 1gb and msi hawk.
also will a corsair 750w sli ready handle two gtx 460's.
taking this into consideration, which 1 should i get.
please help
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  1. nice new pic mal, i approve.

    plus one to teh statment. i prefer the asus direct cu coolers and the quality is unmatched on the asus

    the msi will overclock better margionally

    really there is no wrong answer they are among the 3 best gtx 460, the other one on the list though i'd argue slightly below msi or asus is the gigabyte SOC


    basically i's say

    #1 asus
    close #2 MSI twin frozer (though better choice if planning to overclock
    #3 gigabyte SOC
  2. hi thanks for the reply.
    will i be putting to much strain on my psu
    i will not be overclocking so do you think the asus.
    do you know the warranty on msi
  3. A single GTX 460 will not come close to stressing your Corsair 750W PSU.

    Asus and MSI are both reliable Motherboard and video card manufacturers. I wouldn't hesitate on either of them. And, the DirectCU Asus cards and the MSI Twin Frozr or MSI Cyclone based GTX 460's are definitely rank among the top options available. So either option is actually a very good choice.

    #1 Pick
    MSI GTX 460 Hawk (Twin Frozr style cooler) $179.99 - $20 MIR = $159.99 + Free Shipping
    Core Clock = 780Mhz

    #2 Pick
    Asus DirectCU TOP (1GB) GTX 460 $209.99 - $20 MIR = $199.99
    Core Clock = 775Mhz

    Asus DirectCU (1GB) GTX 460 $219.99 - $20 MIR = $199.99 + Free Shipping
    Core Clock = 675Mhz

    Asus DirectCU (768MB) GTX 460 $169.99 + Shipping
    Core Clock = 700Mhz

    The MSI Hawk edition has a significant overclock on it, so it'll perform better. And it's cheaper! This is the route I'd go.
  4. again thanks for replies
    by yh i know a single wont but will 2
  5. i just fogot to say.
    what about pny gtx 460
  6. Two GTX 460's would be fine with a Corsair 750W PSU.

    As far as PNY, almost all their cards are Reference Design. Which is fine. However, for the money you can get a better card set.

    PNY GTX 460 1GB OC $199.99 - $20 MIR = $179.99
    Core Clock 765Mhz

    The MSI Hawk is still the best deal. Better cooling, better OC, and a strong review history online.
  7. None unless you are a modder. The Gigabyte version and the MSI cards are the best while the EVGA cards come with a good warranty. I got the Gigabyte version and it is a solid card but the value isn't in the cooler but the pcb.
  8. I've had several MSI video cards, and not a one has ever caused me trouble. The difference between MSI and other makers (in my experience) is that MSI is usually the first to drop prices and offer rebates. So they generally have the best deals when I'm ready to buy.

    The MSI Hawk GTX 460 is a well known card. As are all MSI's Hawk Edition GPUs. Purely based on the card, the factory OC, and the very good cooling capacity of the Hawk cooler, I have to recommend the MSI Hawk GTX 460 that I listed above. For the price, it's a better deal than all the other cards before you even consider that it's a Hawk Edition.
  9. im cant decide
    msi or asus
    does the msi hawk get better benchmarks
    also whats the warrenty on msi
  10. The MSI Hawk has a faster Core Clock speed, and is significantly cheaper. It's pretty simple. :) That being said, if the money difference doesn't bother you, the Asus DirectCU is a very capable card. But honestly, spending more for equal or lesser performance is silly.

    Here's Guru3D's review of the MSI Hawk 460
    Guru3D's Conclusion
    If you can find the MSI GeForce GTX 460 HAWK (tagged as N460GTX HAWK) for the right price, we can wholeheartedly recommend this product. The sheer design and quality components alone make this an awesome product which you'll like very much, and is something that the more tweaking and enthusiast crowd will like very much.
  11. Quote:

    the EVGA is the fastest..

    850Mhz Factory OC. LOL Wow. But it's also $229.99 - $20 MIR = $209.99 vs an MSI Hawk @ $159.99 after rebate. Ultimately I guess it depends on what the OP wants.

    You can buy a GTX 470 for $209 right now.
    Zotac GTX 470 $249.99 - $40 MIR = $209.99 + Mafia 2 Download + Free Shipping
  12. So it depends on what the OP is looking for. If they want to save money, and just want a really good GTX 460, the MSI Hawk is a fantastic price right now compared to other models.

    If money isn't the issue, and they want the fastest possible, they might as well get an entry level GTX 470 for $209 and get a free copy of Mafia 2 from nVidia.
  13. so everyone reccomends msi hawk
    does it get better fps than asus
  14. I didn't see any Reviews/Benchmarks that compared the Asus DirectCU and MSI Hawk against one another. I'd suggest you go to www.google.com and look for yourself.

    You've asked for folk's help/advice and it's been given. Ultimately, you have the answer already. Both are fantastic cards. One is cheaper, and has a slightly faster speed. Cheaper + Faster = _____ ?

    Fill in the blank. :)
  15. just so the moda can properly merge them here's his other tow threads over the past few weeks askign the exactl same question an dgetig the same answers


    and frankie yes the msi has a slightly higher clockrate and will outpreform the asus by a few fps if you are not planning on going into more of an overclock... only reason i liek the aus more is i think its built better and will likely last longer which is only really an issue if you want it functioing well in 5-6 years
  16. im 14 lol just getting used to pc gaming and components
    i want to makke sure im getting right 1.
  17. thats fine just should keep to the same thread, no need to clutter the boards, i;m sure you have years of computers to build ahead of ya young man, its always good to do research and be sure of your decitions for anythign in life
  18. But is it worth the $40 difference between the Asus DirectCU TOP and the MSI Hawk? Probably not.

    And g00fysmiley, thanks for linking to their other thread(s). I was honestly beginning to wonder if this was a troll post.
  19. so you guys suggest msi hawk over the asus
    sorry for being a bit annoying keep asking and wasting your time but i have already spent alot of money
    so i need the graphics card to be the right 1.
  20. thanks for all the replies
    i think ill go with msi hawk

    by the way is there any way of giving feedback
  21. PNY has a lifetime warranty and is an American company based in Brooklyn, NY.
  22. The MSI Hawk won't let you down. And for the price, it's pretty hard to beat it right now.

    Happy Gaming and Merry Christmas. :)
  23. As far as 460s go what about the EVGA EE Superclocked or MSI Cyclone?
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