ESD? Antec lanboy air

Hello guys,
I have been using this forum alot but never post. (Obviously English is not my first language)

I've built my PC a few months ago and since then I'm having a problem with static discharge. My dog like to sleep under my desk at my feet, but everytime he goes there, he gave me a static dishcarge and I can ear the sound of it in the speaker, IF I'm using my USB headset, the sound will simply quit, and I have to disconnect/connect to re-activate the headset. I followed the instruction from Antec to ground the case correctly, so this part is by the book. This is not my first PC built, but first one with problems.

It's pretty annoying if using ventrilo at the same time because I have to reset headset, and software. But I'm a little scare that one day, one of the hardware piece will simply break.

Anteclanboy Air
X58 Sabertooth

My questions are:

1- Should I ground my chair?desk?keyboardtray?
2-Should I had copper wire inside the lanboy for the usb panels?
3-Ground the dog?The blanket?

Please, what do you think is my best way to secure my system from ESD?

Thank for your help,

edit: add picture
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  1. Very nice setup :)
    As long as your pc is plugged into a wall outlet and that outlet is grounded you should be fine. You really only need to worry about static when building the pc, or working inside it. Not so much when it's plugged in and running.
    I'm not sure why the audio is cutting out, although the reason you hear the *pop* over the speaker is likely due to the interference caused by the static in my opinion. Why you have to reset the audio I honestly don't know, although I'm fairly sure you didn't due any permanent damage as the amount of static it would take to cause a visual or audible spark would certainly cause a catastrophic failure in your hardware.

    If I were you I definitely would not go routing copper wire around to components inside the case as that's a very easy way to short something out, and grounding the other things you listed would be a huge hassle with questionable benefits at best. I'd say just avoid letting the dog sleep under the desk; if not for the static but for all the hair that will inevitably end up in that case. Best of luck!
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