Memory errors in memtest, should I return?

I am having rather odd system instability after installing new ram (Corsair vengance 2 x 4gb). I changed the settings to XMP and did not have any problems for 3 days till today.

Memtest was all good, and have been gaming away on my system for a week.

The last two days I got a memory_mangement bsod. Firefox keeps crashing, and im getting CRC failures when trying to unzip stuff. I thought that it might of been a HD problem, but after many HD diag tools it got the all clear. I ran Memtest again and got loads of errors within a minute.

I upped the voltage to 1.6v from 1.5v. I got 2 memory errors from memtest, 6 hours and 8 hours in.

Should I return the RAM or see if the more voltage makes the ram more stable?

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  1. Try only 1 stick and see if u are still crashing, when running on the good RAM stick.
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