Graphics not working.

I was playing a game when all of a sudden my screen froze then went black and my system restarted. First I thought my graphics card might of broken or overheated but it never gets above 60C. It is a 2 week old Gigabyte SOC Gtx 460. I have never had any problems with the card since today.

When i try to start my computer up again it just gets to my motheboard screen and then just stays there. It once got to the windows start up screen then froze.
I took my computer apart and then started up my computer, it all looked alive and all my fans inside my pc were on including the graphics card and the lights were flashing on the graphics card.

My computer specs are
Athlon 64 3.2ghz 6000+
Gigabyte SOC Gtx 460
Artic Power 600 PSU

My PSU only has 3 Sata's on it and the GPU needs 4 from 2 6pin molexs but i have moved around some adapters and it has had 4 sata's in it since i got it and has ran fine with out any problems until today.


Any questions please ask.
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  1. That questionable Arctic Power 600 Watt PSU is probably only capable of supplying no more than 20 Amps on its single +12 Volt rail. Read the label on your PSU.

    The overclocked GTX 460 will draw more than 13.5 Amps from the +12 Volt rail under full GPU load.

    That doesn't leave you with sufficient current capacity on the +12 Volt rail to power the remainder of the system (motherboard PCI-E slots, HDD's, CD/DVD drive, etc.). These days the current capacity on the +12 Volt rail(s) is the primary consideration and PSU wattage is secondary.

    You need a good name brand PSU and Arctic Power is not one of them.
  2. Ok thanks,
    Can you recommend one? Budget about £60-£80 That will power my system perfectly.
  3. OCZ has some very good psu's at less than $100.00 cad/us that should fit the bill...:)
  4. Corsair FTW!
  5. Would this one be good for system and run it fine?
  6. I was going to recommend Corsair. They have excellent PSU's.

    CORSAIR Builder Series CMPSU-600CX 600W ATX12V v2.3 Active PFC Power Supply

    Edit: Updated link to ebuyer and model they carry.
  7. Wouldn't This one be a bit better? I'm willing to pay the difference if it lasts longer.
  8. The final choice is really up to you. I won't discourage you from that choice since OCZ is also a good brand name.

    What do you mean by "... if it lasts longer."?

    The OCZ has a longer warranty, but they both have the same MTBF (i.e. same statistical failure rate).
  9. I mean future proof ones that i wont have to replace for a while.
  10. If your motherboard supports SLI and you decide to add a second GTX 460, sure. Or if you're planning to carry it forward to a new future build.
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