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Hello all,
After a little research and learning I am in the planning stages of a major upgrade to my system. I termed it a new build because it will be an upgrade to everything except the video cards. Here is what I currently have:

ASUS M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard
2x EVGA GeForce 8800GT SLI
AMD Athlon 64 x2 6000+ processor
4Gb Kingston DDR2 667 ram
Western Digital 150Gb 7200rpm HD
some 550W psu, Antec I think
ASUS VW266 25.5" monitor 1920x1200

What the system will be used for: gaming, listening to music, medium browsing
I'm looking for an increase in performance in my games (SC2 and WoW suffer a bit, TF2 & L4D are fine). I suspect that in SC2 and WoW my cpu is bottlenecking. A friend in the IT field has helped me compile this tentative parts list:

ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Motherboard
Intel i7 940 Bloomfield 2.93GHz quad core processor
OCZ Obsidian Series 6GB DDR3 1600 ram
Corsair 650W psu

My IT friend advised me to make sure the mb had the X58 chipset to take full advantage of the DDR3 ram. Any thoughts/advice? Is this overkill? Could I get the performance I want in some other (cheaper) way? Thanks!
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  1. Err seeing u are on a high end AM2 i would simply

    a. Update BIOS
    b. Hit this $99 Deneb 920
    c. clock away ^^

    Btw 8800GT trades blows with HD 5670 and peeps dun see any of those as serious gaming cards these days for even mid end gamer configs so maybe a GTX 560/HD 6870 along the way? AM2 mobos unlike their AM2+ successors were on older PCIex16 gen 1.0/1.1 and these hurt multi GPU a lot as well FYI...
  2. updating the BIOS and dropping in a new CPU (with maybe a little oc :D) was the other option I was considering, that and upgrading my ram to 800 (max the mb can handle). to clarify, Im' not looking for uber-graphics performance, I would just like to eliminate the occasional brief bogging I get in SC2 and maybe a little framerate increase in WoW
  3. Yep an Oced 920 will be a hell of an upgrade over Windsor 6000+ :P But ya 8800GT SLI just for those games would be fine but if any other stuff (Metro 2033, etc) time for a GPU overhaul ^^
  4. do the am3 boards utilize the 3rd channel of ddr3 ram? I thought only the x58 chipset did that? or is the x58 the only intel chipset that does it? or am I in left field lol
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