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I am currently running a gigabyte g41m-es2L motherboard with a p4 core 2 e6320 processor. I have a dvd rom with a burner, running a raidmax x1 mid gaming tower, with a 1680x1050 resolution monitor, and a coolmaster RS-460-pmsr-a3 powersupply, and a geforce 7900gs graphics card.
I am planning on playing games with this(WoW, DCUO, COD: black ops). I wondering if i can get away with just replacing the graphics card or would i need to replace mobo/cpu to play these games at max settings?
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  1. P4 and Core 2 are entirely different things. Which one do you have? I assume core 2 duo from model number.

    You can probably get away with a GPU upgrade, though that processor is clocked pretty low. You may need to OC it a bit to get 35FPS average at max settings in COD. No idea what DCUO is.

    Wow depends entirely on shadows. If you have shadows on, no. If you don't, then yes you should be able to do max settings. You'll also probably need a CPU OC.
  2. oh, im sorry, its a core 2 duo. can my motherboard handle a overclock? and what is a good graphics card that will fit and fun those games at near max setting(about 75%). DCUO(DC universe online).
  3. Yes, mobo can OC fine. GPU wise, you can grab a 5870 for $180 today.

    Best deal ATM.

    If you miss the deal, a GTX 460 1gb or 6850 would be fine for everything at $150-$200 range. Can also consider the 5850 if you find one at the $160 mark.

    The difference btwn 5xxx and 6xxx GPu's are pretty minimal outside xfire situation, so since the 5850 is better performance than a 6850, it's a better value at the same price point.
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