CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 V2 430W support 6870?

Anyone know if it runs the card? It has 28A on 12V rail.

My old PSU 450watts peak is 18A on 12V rail and I think it wont support the card.
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  1. 550W is the minimum.
  2. It doesn't have enough PCIe connectors and has a very small number of peripheral connectors, so if you did use peripheral to PCIe adapters you wouldn't have many left for fans/optical drives, etc. So I'm going to say no.
  3. 550 watts is the recommended minimum.

    Barely - maybe. A 6870 will pull about 15 amps. Depending on the CPU, that's 8 - 10 amps. Figure 2 - 3 amps for a hard drive, an optical, and two or three fans.

    With a "typical" system you would be running the 12 volt rail at over 90% of capacity. Not a good idea.

    Get a larger (500 - 550 watt) PSU.
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