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New GPU. Could Use Assistance

I will be building a new computer mainly for Internet and gaming when the new sandy bridge comes out. I already have a case (902) and psu (tx650w)

I was looking to get a new gpu because the nvidia are on sale ATM. Currently I was looking at three different ones. I was hoping for some advice and other input is appreciated along with other suggestions. In the near future I may sli but not sure, whereas I mainly play WOW (>.<). if I don't sli a 470 could also be an option. Thank you in advance
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    I would probably rock the EVGA card. It has a full cooling shroud to vent most of the heat out the back of the case, helping to keep the internal case temp down a bit (never a bad thing).

    However, if you don't care about case temps, the MSI (Hawk) is probably the best bang for your buck as it has a larger overclock for a bit cheaper.
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