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Hi there, so the VGA port on the motherboard is loose. Here's the situation, my mother bought a computer for home ( which she barely uses ) and it has a nvidia geforce 315 in it, which I want to take out and put into the computer I built. So currently it's putting out display from the GPU. But I them tried plugging in the VGA cable to the motherboard's port, but it's loose and after a bit of fuss, I got it in ( I think so ) but it didn't display anything. Do I need drivers? I looked for the ones for that computer but I couldn't find what I was looking for. The computer model is the Packard Bell imedia s1800.
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  1. Try removing the GPU and using the onboard VGA... if it detects a GPU in the PCI slot it may default to it. So try it without the GPU installed. If it still fails you can check the BIOS settng for default display output... but more likely, your Motherboards VGA port is bad. (so it NEEDS a video card)
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