XFX Radeon HD 5770 work with an Industry Standard 250W PSU at all?

The thread asks it all! :)
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  1. it really depends on the PSU 12V rail's Amperes and what else is connected to it.

    Minimum 450 Watt Power Supply Requirement according to the manufacturer.
  2. there seems to be a lot of people asking about running 5770's from low powered PSU's. Here is the link yet again http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/geforce-gts-450-gf106-radeon-hd-5750,2734-13.html that system is fairly minimal a core i7 with an ssd hard drive. Depending on your components the power draw may be different. Also the power draw across different rails is not covered. I wouldnt trust a 250w psu, it may run, but it may blow up too...Also when you say "industry standard" what does that even mean? what brand/model PSU is it exactly?
  3. There are some low-wattage Seasonic and FSP PSUs that are actually good for more than their labeled wattage, not that running that way for long is a particularly good idea (and I think they're 300W, which would be enough since the +12V rails are strong).
    Anything else though, I would not trust in the absence of a competent technical review (e.g. with load testing, waveform analysis, etc).
    Assuming the PSU is of even modest quality (e.g. not Bestec), you should have no trouble with a HD5670.
  4. Yeah, I saw that.
    I was just asking
  5. Not a chance, you'll need bigger PSU. :)
  6. My system at full load maxes at about 350 Watts (using a kill-a-watt) to measure.
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