Can someone rate my build?

i have asked alot of questions in the forums and everyone has been of alot of help. i finally did my build and everything is up and running and wanted to see how it compares to others in the same price range. havnt tried photoshop or games much or video encoding which is what im using. just wanna see what yal think of it

gigabyte p55 ud3
corsair dominator 1333 4gb
sapphire radeon 4870 1gb
ocz vertex 2 60gb ssd (boot drive)
2 tb western digital blue
ultra 650 watt psu

haf-x case

thanks again
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  1. We'd need exact model numbers/specs, prices, as well as purpose of build.
  2. That should work very well for video editing.
  3. Add another 4870 for high-quality gaming experience, otherwise, you should be able to game at decent settings with the single card, maybe medium-high.

    Video editing settings should be good with that setup.
  4. thanks for the responses, i think in about a year i will upgrade to probly a 6870 or 6970 rather then crossfire. how would this be for photoshop cs5? thanks gain for all the help
  5. photoshop cs5 will be used alot more then video for it so just wanted to see how well it would run it. they wont be HUGE files either. normal 8 megapixel photos from digital camera
  6. please rate my pc

    chassis - cooler master haf 912 advanced
    PSU- cooler master 600w
    motherboard - Intel DH67BL H67-Express motherboard
    processor - core i7 2600k
    graphics card- asus hd 6950
    ram - corsair 8gb (2x4gb)
    hdd - 1tb
  7. i will just say im jealous haha
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