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Hi Everyone,

So heres my problem,

My parents speak mainly chinese, and enjoy watching chinese videos on their computer at home. I want to build them a small form factor computer using some old computer parts that I have so they can watch their videos on their 52 inch tv while they are in bed.

I was wondering what video card should I get that would allow them to watch their videos with the same clarity on their 52 inch as if they were using their computer monitor. I was looking at the gtx 460 because it comes with an HDMI output, but I am not sure if it can handle such a large screen.

Got any ideas?

Also, here are the cpu and ram specs if the build im planning to do, I was wondering if you guys think its good enough to simply play videos off the internet and an external hard drive.

Athlon II x2 260
4 gigs ddr2 memory


- Tank
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  1. For streaming videos, the GTX460 1gb should be MORE than enough. Make sure it is the 1gb assuming that you are running the TV @ 1920x1080. For surfing the web that build should cut it. ;)

    Merry Christmas!
  2. For streaming videos, a HD 5670 is more than enough and also a lot cheaper.
  3. so assuming that I run a gtx 460 or even a 5770, will the picture be clear on a 52 inch tv?
  4. Why will you want to get a HD 5770 or GTX 460? Do your parents play games? What will they do with a gaming card?
  5. Speaking of image clarity, what is the video source? Blu-Ray movies, DVDs, ...?
  6. If your parents want to watch movies, a hd5670 would do just fine. If you are worried about the hd5670, get a hd4850.
  7. 5670 is more than enough,you could even go as low as the 5570 and still have crisp detail in 1080p.

    What is your current Power Supply?
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