Upgrade from ATI 5850 Radeon to Nvidia GTX 570?

Will selling my 5850 Radeon and getting an Nvidia GTX 570 give me much of a performance boost all around in general? I would crossfire but I have an i7 870 Lynnfield socket CPU and my 2nd PCIE slot is only x4 speed
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  1. I think it would give a little performance increase, but why upgrade? The hd5870 is still a great card.
  2. Go for a single GTX 570 if you want to play the latest DX 11 titles with maximum settings.
    Otherwise stay with that HD 5850, though it might be a little underpowered in the latest titles..I would not Crossfire them because AMD cards in x16/x4 Crossfire take a big performance hit.
  3. Oh, I thought he said hd5870.
  4. The GTX570 is faster, but I'm not sure you'd notice it. It will depend on your CPU and resolution. If either is lacking, you won't notice much at all.
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