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I was not sire where to put this so i figured in CPUs catagory would be best. There was a power outage at my house for a couple of hours last night. I was on my home built PC when the outage happened. The power came back on at about 1am so i figured i would turn it on to do some homework, but when i hit the power button it sounded like an electric shock happened and then the computer will not turn on at all now. I was wondering if the shock sound could have been my PSU or am i completely screwed with my PC and have to build a new one?


AMD Phenom 2 Processor
8 Gigs Ripjaw Ram
Gigabyte G880 MOBO
antec 800 watt PSU
Corsair NZXT case
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    I had my computer get hit by lightning, im not sure if its the same as your problem but after inspection of all the parts i found that a chip had exploded on the motherboard (sound chip). I bought a new Mobo and problem solved.

    If you live near a best buy or computer store you should be able to take your PSU in and they will test it for you.

    hopefully the surge didn't ruin more then PSU or mobo, but it could have taken out GPU, RAM, CPU or hard drives. Test out each part to see whats working and then replace whats not.

    Also... how do you have Corsair NZXT case? aren't those two different competing brands?
  2. lol I wasnt sure if NZXT was a brand or not and was too lazy to look it up. oh well. but good news the PSU is the only thing that was fried which is good.

    also i upgraded my case to the thermaltake V9.
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