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6870 crossfire low Windows 7 performance score

The score according to the chart seems a bit low...My current drivers are 10.10e hotfix I have tried the new 10.12 but I was having issues. Is this to low of a score?

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  1. Try reinstalling drivers. Yeah that is low. My 5850 gets a 7.7, but occasionally it would give me a 6.0 after a driver update, and if I reinstalled, it went back up to 7.7
  2. I deleted the drivers and then reinstalled but I am getting the same score. Maybe it is a bug because they are running in crossfire perhaps? Or can it be a driver issue?
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    I sometimes get different scores with different drivers.IIRC,my VGA(5970) got 7.4 with Catalyst 10.3 and then it went to 6.9 with 10.4.(It's now 7.4 again with 10.10e)
    So,sometimes, drivers change the WEI score but it's not anything to worry about.(Unless your gaming performance has changed too)
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