GTX 260 & LG W2363D (1920X1080/120Mhz) issue

Does the NVIDIA GTX 260 support 1920X1080 120Mhz? My new LG W2363D "says" it suppoerts 1920X1080, but I cant seem to get it to display it. The screen simply takes the 1024X768 and makes me have to use my mouse to scroll around to see the rest of the screen.

On my other "workstation" however I can get 1920X1080 60Mhz using a NVIDIA 8800, but not 120Mhz at that resolution. I have exhausted all my resources in finding out what the issue is. Neither LG or NVIDIA's tech support was helpful at all. They just pointed the finger and the "other guy" was all. Shifting the blame and the help from themselves. Thanks NVIDIA and LG for your kind help. :pfff:
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  1. I don't think that the GTX 260 supports 120 Hz refresh rate.
  2. where did you find this data please? I have been looking for days! Thanks.
  3. Tamz_msc said:
    I don't think that the GTX 260 supports 120 Hz refresh rate.

    since when did the gtx 260 which is a gaming card not support 3d vision?I have a gtx 275 and play on my 21 inch monitor which has 120 hz refresh rate
  4. I looked it up in more detail and the GTX 260 does indeed support 120 Hz displays.Forget whatever I said earlier.

    If you monitor has a different port, I'd try using that at first.
  5. well LG came to the conclusion that it was a factory defect I guess, becasue they are sending another one. I still think I may run into this issue again when the new one gets here though...

    I feel it is some sort of confliction between XP/NVIDIA/monitor. I hope not though...
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