Where is GTX 570's place?

Judging by the prices,it is between GTX480 and GTX 470.But performance wise,is it also in the same place?
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  1. I'm probably ordering one myself tomorrow. 570 is pretty much on par with the 480 generally with less heat and power consumption
  2. It's more or less the replacement for the 480 GTX which is being discontinued I believe
  3. i think the card was direct replacement for GTX480. it perform as good as 480 but consume power much more like GTX470. another plus side is the card is less noisy and run cooler with nvidia new reference cooler.
  4. 570 has the performance of a 480 at a lesser price along with being quieter and cooler. Excellent card.
  5. It has the core of the GTX480 with the memory specs of the GTX470. Seeing as the GTS470 has enough bandwidth, it performs like a GTS480 most of the time. Basically, if you wanted a GTX480, the GTX570 will do. If you already have a GTX480, its not an upgrade.
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