Why is my Internet speed shown to be over the amount my ISP provides?

Hello, I use Rogers Hi-Speed Internet, and according to my current bandwidth plan, my download speed should only be up to 10Mbps and upload speed up to 512Kbps. However when I connect my laptop to the internet in this configuration, Ethernet wired > router (supports 802.11g/n) > cable modem > outlet, it saids 100Mbps in my Local Area Connection Status window. And when I use my laptop wirelessly, with a 802.11g card, it reaches to 50Mbps according to my Wireless Network Connection Status window.

Being 100Mbps > 10Mbps and 50Mbps > 10Mbps? It doesn't make much sense to me...
So why is Windows showing my internet speed that is over than the amount my ISP originally provides?
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    You've got to remember as well that for your wired connection showing 100Mbps, that most of the time your computer can connect to the switch/router at that speed. That does not mean you are really surfing the net at more than 10 Mbps, just that's the speed you connect to the router at. Likewise, if you have a 802.11g card in your laptop, the spec for that is that it can connect at 54 Mbps, which means that again, it's showing that default speed there, but does not mean you are connecting to your ISP at that speed. These are just standard default speeds that most switches and wireless connections use.

    If you really want to know your true internet speed, visit it should give you a clearer idea if you are or aren't getting the speed you are paying for.
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