BIOS froze

BIOS froze when making changes so I had no alternative but to turn PC off, then it would not start and black screen.
Monitor hp w1907 I was troubleshooting it since it was giving me problems prior to this by going blank.
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Most all MOBO's have a CMOS jumper, use the Jumper Clear CMOS procedure ->
  2. Thanks, but I did not have success with this. Tried on a good monitor, too and still black screen. No beeps from system. Doesn't look good.
  3. Then it comes down to a failed component. To rule-out:

    1. RAM boot with (1) stick; failure try another ; failure:
    2. Remove the GPU and if possible use an iGPU (onboard video). You can also boot without a GPU and 'sense' (sound and looking at components) if the PC can boot. Otherwise try a different GPU ; failure:
    3. Try a different and minimally sized PSU for your PC. Choices: (a) from another PC or (b) local store offering an open box or with a good/acceptable return policy ; failure:
    4. Disconnect ALL peripherals including Mouse, Keyboard, HDD and DVD, and all USB devices and USB headers connected to the MOBO ; failure:

    Now it get complex, the failure rates for MOBO 80% and CPU 20%. A local PC shop can diagnose the problem substituting parts to determine the failed component(s).
  4. Were you flashing your BIOS with a new release, or just updating parameters within your existing BIOS?
  5. I was editing the BIOS when it froze. Yes! updating parameters.
  6. Thank You. I will troubleshoot for a failed component as you described.
  7. I didn't mention that it is an integrated video. Which brings another question.
    If I install a new video card since the integrated video may be dead, then how do
    I access BIOS to change it to disable on board video to recognize new video card.

    thanks for your help , still troubleshooting.
  8. Most boards automatically disable the integrated video when you install the discrete video card. Just be sure that your monitor is attached to the card and NOT the motherboard.
  9. Obviously, connect your monitor to the GPU's video output ports, and in the BIOS look for PCIe Initialize -> PEG/PCI. If the MOBO itself is 'bad' then I doubt a discrete GPU will solve the issue. However, I sure 'hope' very much it does!!! :)
  10. Thanks...I hope so too that new video card will work and mobo is fine. My concern is if it does work, then will it disable my onboard video so I can access BIOS.
    It should disable from clarkjd's post. If the video card doesn't work at least I will know that mobo is bad, correct?
  11. thanks for the info
  12. Your BIOS 'may' have a setting 'Onboard Video -> Disable', but if it does not then look for 'Onboard Video Memory -> set to lowest MB value' and in the Device Manager look for Display Adapter [+] 'whatever your onboard VGA 'is' / right-click and Disable ** Warning don't accidentally Disable your 'NEW' GPU!!!

    Let us know! :)
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