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hi im looking into the hd 6970 which i will be importing from the USA as I live in SA.
I just have one question will it fit in my coolermaster storm scout case, if not what other card might you suggest (gtx 570, hd 6950?)

and bear in mind I probably want to get a 2nd card in the future
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  1. No, it will not fit. 10.5 inches is just about too long for this case.

    You could remove the HD cage and then use adapters to put the hard drive on the top bay if you so choose. Otherwise you'll want to look around HD5850 length, or 9.5 inches.
  2. I've read I will be importing from the USA to San Andreas xD
  3. no South Africa haha, ive read the gtx 570 will fit but its close what about that? is that a decent enough card? how does gtx 570 SLI compare to hd 6970 crossfire?
  4. GTX 570 is as powerful as HD 6970 for 20$ cheaper. GTX 570 SLI is slightly slower than HD 6950 CrossFire, but the difference is not much noticeable.
  5. so its actually slower than hd 6950 crossfire??? so how badly does it get beaten by hd 6970 crossfire??? I read that hd 6970 crossfire performs on par with the gtx 580 SLI is that true???
  6. GTX 570 SLI is almost equivalent to HD 6950 crossfire.The main reason for this being that SLIed GTX 570s are bottlenecked more than the 6970/ 6950 CrossFire Setup.
    However if you're getting a single card the GTX 570 is as fast as the HD6970 and is better for DX11 games with tessellation.
  7. no i wanted to add a 2nd card in the future Im playing games like cod4, cod black ops, bfbc2 etc competitively, basically im getting a new build in january when sandy bridge comes out, I have R10000 to spend on a PC which is exactly $1467.67 BUT I have to pay shipping with myUS and I have to pay South African VAT on it which is 14%, I need a monitor and everything else besides mouse, keyboard and case, what do you think il be looking at?

    and how much do you think roughly it will weigh? do you think it be over 10 kgs?
  8. COD is not so demanding that you will have to do CrossFire for playing it.
  9. With the case over 10 kg, without the case below 10 kg.
    If you plan to sli or crossfire in the future you will have to buy a motherboard that can do sli or crossfire or bout. I suggest you wait until sandy bridge comes out and buy everything then.
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