ATI 5670

Hey guys im interested in getting this graphics card: i was wondering is this a plug and play graphics card? meaning can i just plug it in and it works or
do i have to buy a dedicated power suply and plug it from psu into card
my current psu is just 550W but i dont think it has direct plug in for a graphics card.
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  1. Your power supply is more than enough for the 5670, don't worry! It only needs a 300W PSU and NO power connectors, so yes, it's plug and play. It is the best graphics card without power connectors. Happy gaming :)
  2. you could upgrade and get a gt 240 for better performance
  3. GT 240 is slightly slower than HD 5670.
  4. Yeah :) thankyou 5670 it is
  5. You're welcome :) don't forget to badge the best answer :D
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