Need help with Motherboard Issue!!!

im getting a new pc and on it im having a 2500k i5 , 16gb corshair vengance, hd6870, but not to sure about motherboard and powersupply mostly need help with motherboard as i have my eye on a 650w 80 plus rated one but not a clue about motherboard in the future i dont want to use crossfire so no need to have 2 slots for graphics but just needs to be able to take intel 2500k i5
16gb 1600 corshair vengance ram
hd 6870
650w psu
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  1. This one should shine in your selection.

    Great board for what u need + great overclocker! 4.4GHz without any problem - aftermarket cooler needed : )

    $129.99 + FREE SHIPPING

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