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Hello, I have a home built computer with an Iwill xp333r board with a ATI 9550 video card which is not compatible with windows 7. I have checked the Microsoft site and found compatible cards to buy. My question is...can this board handle a higher capacity video card? The bios only says a maximum of 256 mb. I have the maximum ram 3gb installed. I'm not a gamer. I just want the computer to run and if possible increase the capacity of the video card. If not I will merely purchase a compatible 256mb. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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  1. Hmm checked that board out and looks like it had 1 4X AGP slot.

    Check out this wiki article for more on the compatibility:

    Thing is your going to have a hard time finding a brand new compatible card (AGP) if you can at all. Also for the price you would be better off getting a new motherboard w/integrated graphics + CPU that would probably give you much better performance than what you would have getting a new card

    As far as I can tell the best you could be running is a single core AMD, so you could get a new mobo and cpu for probably the same price as the card
    dual core AMD 2.8Ghz + AMD radeon 3000 integrated graphics
  2. Ok...thanks for the advise. The board is 4x. I think I found a video card that might do the job for me.
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