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4 Bundles(CPU+Mobo) Which is best for price ?

Could you please look at the following combo deals they are all unlocked I5 2500K with 4 different Mobos, which is best deal? [...] le%20Deals [...] le%20Deals
or [...] le%20Deals [...] le%20Deals

this last two are kinda pricey but if you convince me theres a big difference ill go for it.
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    Good OC + lots of features with Z68 features, so its great for the gamers and video and photo + 3D editing.
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  3. I just purchased GigaByte Z68X-UF3H-B3 I hope it fits the Radeon 6950
  4. They were good choices there and Gigabyte is great brand, just like ASUS : )
  5. Thanx for the vote Dravan : )
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