1000 dollar gameing PC for SC2

Approximate Purchase Date: Anytime

Budget Range: 800-1000 after rebates

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, internet, flash games, movies

Parts Not Required: keyboard, monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts:,

Country of Origin: United States

Parts Preferences: I'm sort of a noob to this stuff so i don't have preferences

Overclocking: Maybe

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe

Monitor Resolution: Probably 1280x1240, but whatever

Additional Comments: quiet pc would be preferable, but does not have to be

Sorry for not much preferences... I'm really new to this. As long as it runs SC2 very well i'll be ok :D haha
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  1. 600$ could run at that resolution.

    Check out the build in my siggy. If you get to powerful of a card for your resolution, you'll start bottlenecking. If you want WAY more headroom. But also the possibility to bottleneck. Change the 6850+925 in my build for this 955+6870 combo.
  2. I'm thinking about a computer i just happend to find prebuilt, it shows pretested fps for ultra for SC2, 58 fps at ultra. and its only $939 (
  3. I'm sorry i really don't understand much of these specs... The numbers make no sense! I'm starting to think it would be a lot better to get a prebuilt like the above or this:
  4. heavensords1 said:
    I'm sorry i really don't understand much of these specs... The numbers make no sense! I'm starting to think it would be a lot better to get a prebuilt like the above or this:

    I wouldnt buy that if I were you...shinobi knows his stuff, take his advice
  5. I bought my wife and boys system from them never had an issue with their mid lvl systems.
    I have read about issues with their high end systems but The above points are correct best to build yourself unless your really not comfortable doing it.
    Both the Cyberpowers I have are still running fine. They have a lot of choices
    so you can build a decent system with them. Plus a 1 Year/3 year warranty.
    Mostly after the 1st year is over they will tell you to get support from the component manufacturer. My boys Gigabyte mother board died but I sent it to gigabyte they fixed it had it back in a week and a half. Mkae sure if you do get a system from them to have them include all the original boxes and paper work.
    Also check the system when you get it to make sure everything is seated before you fire it up the first time.
  6. For what you could get, that's a bad price. You should try to learn to build your own it'll become like a hobby and save you some cash in the long run. The GPU you get in my build is a lot more powerful than the one in the Cyber one. You'll save bout 100$ I think.
  7. Which build??
  8. And how high graphics will they each run?
  9. ^ Well that's a route.

    The build I'm talking about is my 600$ one in my siggy. Swap out the 925 for the 955. And swap out the 6850 for a 6870.

    Then you could easily surpass that 800$ builds performance. But because you can easily surpass that 800$ one graphically. You may reach bottlenecks at your resolution, so I suggest running at max settings on every game all the time if use it.
  10. I've realized that none of these prices include windows 7 or anything, let alone office lol. I'm starting to sway towards one of the desktops made by cyberpower
  11. Did you notice your Cyberpower's don't include windows either? That means it'd be 900$ total. Not including office.

    While if you built your own, your paying about 800$ including windows. You save 100$ building it yourself. Plus you get the ability for upgrades in the future. That being a decent power supply as apposed to a OEM 600w (those only power about like 400-300 watts).

    I won't try to convince you though if you think the Cyberpower ones are good. It's all your preference as OP.
  12. I'm looking at the 600 dollar build and i'm wondering which you meant by switch the 6850 for the 6870
  13. Hmm, you do have a very good point here. And your 600 dollar build does look pretty good.. Ah i see what you meant for the switching out now. I think i might just do that 600 dollar build.
  14. Yeah. The 600$ build was fine. You actually didn't have to make the changes. That was just for more kick in your build. You actually don't use 600$ because the NeoEco isn't 60$, it's only 40$ on Newegg right now.

    The 600$ build itself would be sufficient at your resolution.

    Get this 6850, 160$ AR + 10$ gift card from Newegg.
  15. Hmm alright, and if i eventually got a better monitor with better resolution would it still run ok?
  16. Best answer
    Yes, the 6850 is good enough to handle up to 1680x1050 at max settings and 1920x1080 at Max too!

    As you can see the 6850 kills the 5770 (used in the Cyberpower build).
  17. Thanks so much! i'll select you as best answer. I'm pretty sure i'll be able to use the monitor we already have, but in case not i'll just post on here again lol
  18. Best answer selected by heavensords1.
  19. Thanks for the best answer :) You made me a silver badge :D.

    Good luck, I hope everything works out.
  20. Hmm i'm having trouble finding the power supply for the 600 dollar build
  21. Oh hey its cheaper than it says, haha thats why i couldn't tell. But thanks!
  22. Yeah, this is a recent discount.
  23. What do you think about this?
    Some person on the SC2 forums gave me this:

    'The following parts will get you SC2 on extreme settings, along with most (if not all) other games on the market. All the parts are free shipping and there are a total of $65 mail-in rebates. The total price before rebates for all of this is $589.93, all with free shipping. After the $65 mail-in rebates is comes to $524.93. The only thing you'd have to buy separate would be the case, and that's something YOU want to pick since it's the only part of the computer you're going to be looking at every day.

    ASUS M4A77TD motherboard - - This will do everything you need it to. It doesn't support Crossfire but right now that's not necessary. Save that for when you build your first actual gaming machine and know more about hardware specs/settings. Also can support up to 16gb of ram if you should happen to want Windows 7 64-bit instead of 32-bit. Comes with 3 years parts/labor warranty. Rebate makes the price $64.99.

    AMD 965 BE Deneb 3.4ghz CPU - - $20 more for a better stock processor over the 955 (3.4ghz instead of 3.2ghz). $159.99.

    XFX HD 5770 Juniper XT GFX card - - More than enough for running SC2 at extreme as well as most (if not all) other games at maximum settings. Also includes double-lifetime warranty. Rebate makes the price $111.99.

    Corsair XMS3/DDR3 4gb - - Once again, this is all you need starting out. Rebate makes the price $39.99.

    OCZ ModXStream 700W Modular PSU - - Modular is the way to go. You only use the power connection cables you actually need, so you don't have a bunch of unused cables hanging inside your case. Also, with the rebate this PSU effectively becomes $69.99 which is an incredibly great deal.

    Western Digital 500gb HD - - This is debateable, but 500gb will get you by for a while. You can always add hard drives later if you want. $59.99.

    Samsung CD/DVD burner - - Once again, this was the cheapest but unless you're doing a lot of CD/DVD-intensive multimedia stuff then this is all you really need. $17.99.

    Like I said, the only thing you'd have to buy would be a case (ATX, not micro-ATX). I HIGHLY recommend doing the rebates, because that's like 10% off of the total purchase. It only take about 15 minutes to go an register them, and is totally worth it. And at that price you can still afford to get a pretty decent case for right around that $600 mark. I personally don't give a %*%% what my case looks like, and am currently using one I rescued from the college junk bin. It's missing the motherboard-side panel and it extremely dinged-up, but when I take it to a LAN party I get a pretty funny reaction...people expect it to be a total POS and it can smoke most of their "cool-looking" PC's. For this build, a cheap case will totally work. None of the parts require anything more than stock cooling or any extra case fans, so any old case will work.

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions just ask.'
  24. 965 isn't worth it at all. The 200mhz make VERY little difference in Starcraft 2. After 3.0ghz on a Deneb design. The FPS doesn't increase that much anymore.

    Again screw WD Blacks, they are expensive and not worth it. Go with the Samsung F3 1TB. 60$.

    F the M4A77TD. This build will last awhile and when you have room for crossfire, you nearly double your performance in the future. CF 5770's will be good for at least another 2 years. Especially at your resolution. The Asrock is only 90$. That's about 15$ more w/o MIR. Granted, it only has 1 year. But if you don't think you'll need USB 3 or SATA III. Then go with this one.
    790X Evo Asus, better board. 84$, 69$ AR.

    OCZ Fatality 550W Modular, 80+ 50$ AR.

    Let me lay it down for you.
    If you plan to crossfire, his PSU is the best route. Or you want to save w/o MIR, go with an Antec EarthWatt 650w 80+ Brnz 65$ Newegg.

    His build contridicts because he wants you to get a high powered PSU but a non CF mobo. WTH? That's a waste of money then when a 520w Neo Eco for 40$ could do the job. If you want to CF or future proof get a 600w power supply at least so you can CF in the future.

    So ideally you want.

    cpu- AMD 955 (140$)
    mobo-790X Evo (65$ AR, 84$ BR) or Asrock 870 Extreme3 SATA III USB 3 (90$)
    gpu- 5770 (130$ BR, 100$ AR) or 6850 (180$ BR, 160$ AR)
    power- 520w Neo Eco (40$) or 550w Fatality (70$ BR, 50$ AR) | To prepare for CF go with Antec EarthWatt 650 (65$) or Thermaltake TR2 650w (80$ BR, 55$ AR)
    Case- your choice
    HDD- Samsung F3 1TB 60$
  25. Alright, so what do you think of his build with your modifications??
  26. Yeah its fine. :D Sorry for my rage. GL though.
  27. Haha thanks, btw do you know of anywhere to get windows 7 cheap?
  28. The only place I know is being a Student. Or the microsoft store with employee discount.
  29. $100 Windows 7 OEM on Newegg, not much better of a deal.

    Also, consider Openoffice instead of MS Office... it does everything Microsoft Office does (and then some) for FREE. Gotta love open-source software.
  30. Lol i was advised NOT to get OEM
  31. heavensords1 said:
    Lol i was advised NOT to get OEM

    You were advised not to get OEM components.

    OEM Windows 7 just means that it's marketed to people who build and resell computers (small computer shops, etc.); technically you're not supposed to use it for personal computers. It works just like normal Windows 7, though.
  32. ^ That is correct.

    OEM OS is fine. Just not parts.
  33. Oh hm, well i've been looking at the discount academic windows 7 pro upgrade... i've heard you can do a fresh install without a pervious windows with it
  34. Well I didnt do mine that way but there is a way to do a clean install from the upgrade
    But legally your not supposed to do it that way.
    I only did it because I originally upgraded then my raid died and I had to reload the op system so instead lof loading vista then loading win 7.
    I just loaded the win 7 but I do leagally own the operating system I ugraded from.
  35. I think we probably have a disk for windows vista or 95 around here somewhere. But idk where.
  36. So I just relooked at the 600 dollar build (azshinobi) and it doesn't come with a CD drive??? Plus no extra cooling, but idk if thats needed.
  37. The Phenom II X4 have a decent stock cooler (New C3 revision). They come with copper heatpipes and smaller boxes than before. That's how you're mainly going to tell. As for CD Drives, yes my builds don't include those in the budget. But that should just be about 20$ at the most. Lest you be choosing a Blu-ray drive.
  38. Alright thanks!!
  39. No that's for laptops.
    Your looking for 5.25" Drives.
  40. Alright, thanks
  41. aznshinobi's builds are pretty good and are a good bases to start from and then modify to your own taste.
    I mean every one likes one thing a lil more than another so its not just cookie cutter build this, use it as a base so you get what you want and then your happier.
  42. OH! One more question, do i need anything for internet?
  43. What do you mean?

    You need an ethernet cable or a wi-fi adapter.
  44. You will have to get a hold of your internet provider and they will hook you up with a modem be it cable ot dsl for example. Then if your only hooking up 1 machine, your mother board should have an onboard NIC.(network Interface Connector) You just plug the phone line into the modem and then the modem into your PC with the ethernet cable.
    If you get Dsl you will also be provided with line filters that are placed between the phone jacks and the phone or anything but the modem and the phone jack such as direct tv to phone hook up.
    If your going to hook up more than one or a networked printer you will need a router also. Some companys such as quest have a modem that is also a router and also have wireless solutions. They will also provide you with software.
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