Very strange artifacting issue...

Hey again all, I have yet another issue,

I have an hd 5770, which began artifacting in a game recently. It was overclocked and had been for around 2 months. This seemed to sort the game out fine so I forgot about it, however there had always been a driver update so I updated the driver. Anyway I thought I'd test for artifacting and both ati tool and furmark gave me very bad artficating, on stock! So I thought my GFX was really screwed...

I tried uninstalling drivers and reinstalling em, trying older drivers, etc etc...

Until just now I have found that on the catalyst control center, setting the card to "opitimal quality" rather than balanced, has gotten rid of all the artifacts... and if I go to the other end and go with 'optimial performance' the artifcats are worse than ever?! I will run furmark for about 30 mins in a few minutes to ensure the optimal quality 'fix' has fixed it, but other than that this is a very odd problem,

What's up? Any ideas?

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  1. Oh an temperatures are fine, well below 70C during furmark
  2. Card brand, please?

    How well below 70c? that's still hot for this card isn't it?

    What kind of artifacts? I have a 5850 and sometimes I see horizontal jerky motion in games cut scenes especially Mirror's Edge and in Battlefield Bad Company 2. In FIFA 11, when the goal keeper kicks the ball in the air and the camera moves to the center (any horizontal motion really), I see some jerkiness.

    Typically, I play with vertical sync and it fixes a lot of issues. I keep tripple buffering ON almost all the time and just don't care about anti aliasing and shut it off.

    Also, if you are using 10.11 catalyst driver - it is MOST CERTAINLY the culprit. Get back to 10.10 or 10.8 and test the card again. I faced a lot of issues on the latest catalyst driver 10.11.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply, It's a HIS 5770, and I get the huge yellow blocks and dots on ati tool, flashing blurry shapes during furmark, and it was black shapes on Just Cause 2. 70C for this card is well within limits, i'm sure of that. And as for the driver advice, I will try that. Thanks
  4. Ok it's dieing a death... everything is artifacting now, even windows... however I have just uninstalled the video card driver and there are no longer any artifacts, does this mean anything at all? I'm not using a driver for this card, please tell me that means the card isn't broken, although I am no doubt wrong.. thank you
  5. Please install 10.10 and check. 70C for this card (idle?) is warm.
  6. No 70C was full load Furmark, and now the new drivers are installed it's just as bad.

    I'm guessing this means the card is on its way out, I had it overclocked so no chance of RMA despite it being only 6 months dol... Why did I have it in mind that as long as you didn't over volt it it wouldnt physically break... live and learn i guess...
  7. I never will understand why people over-clock hardware.
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