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Hi there. Please forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong location, I've searched around and this appears to be the most appropriate place. I have been experiencing a strange graphics glitch wherein my screen suddenly turns white (sometimes there are various shades of gray which make up squares, rectangles, or collections of horizontal lines). This happens whenever I run certain older games such as Warcraft 3 and at random other intervals. It's begun happening more and more often, too, which is strange to say the least. Several months ago it was limited to *just* when I ran Warcraft 3. It can now occur during a boot, while I'm randomly watching a flash video, or during a game (Civ 5 being the most recent occurrence).

Whenever this glitch occurs I can fix it instantly by power cycling my monitor, which makes me relatively certain that this is *not* an issue with my graphics card (overheating, driver error, etc). I'm not sure, however, and the graphics card would naturally be my first thought with this sort of issue, so I'm asking here. Can anyone shed some light on this, or at least help me narrow it down? Just to make sure I have a correct understanding, if this problem *were* related to my graphics card overheating then simply turning my monitor on and off would not fix the problem, correct?

I'm currently running Windows Vista, fully updated. I've got an EVGA 896-P3-1265-AR GTX260 RT with the most updated NVIDIA drivers, and the monitor I'm using is a ASUS 22 inch LCD 22" 5MS VW223B. I use a VGA/DVI adapter to plug it into my video card -- perhaps this could be the issue potentially?. I can post any/all DXDIAG info if people want it. I use 1600x1200 at 60HZ.

I'd guess that without a lot more information, unless someone happens to have experienced this problem specifically and solved it, it's going to be difficult to give me any real advice. If people could let me know what other info is needed or point me in the right direction, such as 'the fact that resetting your monitor temporarily solves the issue means it's most likely your monitor' I'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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  1. In such cases, it is either a hit or a miss. I tend to believe that it is a monitor issue and your graphics card should be okay. Asus displays, I have heard from many people, can sometimes cause problems. They do offer a good warranty (probably because they are well aware of the problems) so it is perhaps time to avail the benefit.

    I don't know which motherboard you are using, but if you happen to have a motherboard with a graphics chip, you can always try using that keeping your EVGA gpu outside. But I guess you would have definitely tried it if you could have.

    When you say that the problem initially used to surface when playing a game makes things confusing but then less so when you say that now it is more frequent in other operations too. Another easy solution is to borrow/temporarily buy a very cheap DVI/VGA monitor and test it before you RMA Asus and/or EVGA, if they are under warranty.

    If the monitor is totally return-able, go with a Samsung maybe. But again, not all Asus screens will have a problem.
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