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Hello I just purchased this motheboard GA-EX58-UD3R and this ram 1866mhz 6gb OCZ DDR3 PC3-15000 Gold Low-Voltage Triple Channel for 100$.

I was looking at Gigbyte's Site and it tells me that the motherboard dose not support the 1866mhz, How would I make this work? also was that a good price for both of them?
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  1. If the ram runs at the default settings without bluescreens, then that's a great deal. For 1866 speed, you'll need to overclock the cpu.
  2. How would I go about overclocking cpu? also there is one extra slot left, would it be better to buy another 2gb 1866 or go with an 8gb 1600 or 8gb 1866
  3. The default ram setting on many x58 boards is 1066. Try the manual setting and see what ram speeds are listed. 1333 or 1600 is plenty fast if you don't want to overclock. If your ram works fine at the lower speeds, I would leave it alone. You want to run the ram in sets of threes, and 6 gb is plenty. I wouldn't mix ram or try using 2 sticks instead of three.
  4. According to the product page:

    The board won't support that ram.

    You might be able to find a bios that supports it. I have run memory that isn't supposed to be usable that way before.

    Probably easier, and better in the long run though just to get a new motherboard.
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