Is my power supply enough for this GPU

500w ocz psu

MSI Twin Froz GTX 460


Phenom II X2


Its pretty much covered in the title, but if I get the msi gtx 460 above will my power supply be able to support it if my processor is a that phenom ii x2 3.2ghz also?

Also, I noticed that the 460 required 2 6pins (but i read and it said it a y-connector helped their problem) and my psu only has 1 6pin pcie connector, if i use that cable, will the 460 work?
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  1. The GTX 460 should come with adapters from the Molex 4pin to GPU 6pin plugs.
    I think that PSU should be able to handle it, though OCZ's PSU really are hit-or-miss in many cases. I'd recommend a solid Antec like my EA650, which can handle much more than just a single 460.
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