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5770 crashing and driver issue. Will no longer boot correctly.


AMD Phenom 2 x4 965
Gygabye MB
ATI 5770 Sapphire 1GB
4g DDR3 GSkill Ram
Windows 7 64 bit


I built this PC last march with no issues and it worked flawlessly until I started playing the game "All Points Bulletin". I would be able to play the game for up to 30 minutes to an hour and would crash like clockwork. I had tried reinstalling drivers, and formatting but it never fixed the issue. I stopped playing it months ago, but now the problem has started with other games (Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead 2, ect.). I formated again last night and now I am unable to successfully install my drivers. The Windows 7 install took a long time with some parts of the install hanging in limbo before finally going to the next step. When I finally got to my desktop and installed the GPU drivers, my screen did not flicker and change resolution after the drivers installed. Instead I rebooted and couldn't make it to the desktop. All I saw was the windows wallpaper and the explorer was not working correctly. I could right click on the backround, but had nothing else. I restarted again, and now I only get black screens, but can hear sound. I reseated the video card and the drivers worked for a little bit, but after an hour two i'm back where I started and have to uninstall the drivers to get to the desktop.

My instinct tells me that video card is in a state of failure with the memory being the problem. I'm hoping maybe someone else has had this issue and maybe there is something I can do to fix this problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Based on your problem with re-installing Windows, I would also wonder about the optical disk and/or the hard drive, if you had problems to re-install and boot into Windows, then perhaps the DVD drive or the hard disk is starting to fail.

    Clearly you will need to start swapping components in order to troubleshoot the cause(s); ideally you will want to try to use components that you have to avoid wasting money. I would start with the hard drive, if you have one that you can use for testing, swap it and re-install Windows on it. If you still are having problems to re-install, consider the optical drive is part of the problem. If that hard drive seems stable, then move on and test your current GPU. If it fails under Windows desktop, replace it with another one if you have one, or borrow one from a friend. If your current GPU fails only while playing games, then it is overheating and will probably need to be repaired (RMA) or replaced.
  2. This could be a Memory issue, its clasic for you to get to the desktop sometimes and not others.
    Try reseating or running with only one stick (Assuming 2X2GB).

    Mactronix :)
  3. Thank you for the replies,

    I removed my HD 5770, and formatted once more using my onboard graphics as my GPU. So far my system is running ok. I do agree that one of my hard drives or optical drive was the reason behind the sluggish install. I'll have to remove them one by one to see if that was the case. I don't want bad drives connected to my system, even if they're working at the moment. I also considered my memory to be the problem and not the graphics card, but i ran a memtest and nothing came back negative so I think i'll be alright there. If not I will defiantly give that a try mac.

    I'm going to keep using my system for a few days to see if I run into any problems, and if not I'm going to see about getting an RMA on this card and hope my issue will be solved. Thanks again for the responses.
  4. Just to expand a bit its quite possible for the Ram to pass diagnostic testing and then fail when asked to run with an OS, you do get the same thing with a faulty or loose GPU so its a bit difficult to diagnose properly.
    As you say just keep it in mind in case all else fails.

    Mactronix :)
  5. I fail to see how you come to the conclusion that it's your graphics card at fault. Could be psu, memory, hdd or motherboard problem.
  6. i came to that conclusion when i removed my video card from my system and the computer worked. however i'm completely baffled at the moment, because i decided to test the video card again and it's working perfectly fine for the moment. I haven't even had any crashes playing various games so I'm at a complete loss for words, lol.
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