Hard drive wont spin

I think this might be a problem with the Power Supply or just the hard drive in general.

I'm running Windows 7 64-bit and I recently installed an Nvidia GTX 560 TI graphics card. I have a 650W Power Supply, and Nvidia recommends a minimum of 500W.

So I install the graphics card and everything worked normally, and it booted up fine the next day. Earlier today, I set the computer into sleep mode before I left for work. Normally the power light blinks to let me know that the computer is sleeping. However, the light was just off so I powered down the system and restarted it. Now the hard drive won't spin. There's power coming in since the fans start going and the DVD drive lights up and works, but the hard drive doesn't start up at all.

I had to leave for work, so I haven't had a chance to tinker, but does anyone have any ideas to try? I'll take out the video card and try to run it off the onboard graphics, perhaps it's too much of a drain. I'm not really sure though.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Just replug the connections to the hard drive ( may even try changing the SATA slot on the motherboard) and try again.. Also check your systems power option.. See if it is set to automatic stand by with some idle time out.. The 500W recommendation by Nvidia is for the entire system and not just the video card.. A good 650W PSU is plenty for your rig.. Moreover, hard drives do not need an insane amount of power to operate (may be 10W max for a single drive).. Now some hard drives have a sleep functionality inbuilt wherein the hard drive stops spinning if kept idle for a certain period of time.. Anyway, check the power options first..
  2. So far I haven't had much luck. Here's what I've done up to now:

    - Removed graphics card, sound card, and disconnected optical drives (mostly just to give me more room to work)
    - Reseated SATA and power connections on the HDD
    - Tried out all SATA slots on the motherboard
    - Used different SATA and power cables

    I'm starting to have the sinking feeling that it's somehow the power supply. It doesn't seem like it should be the power supply since power is very clearly coming into the computer, but it wouldn't surprise me. I never seem to have much luck with them for some reason. Gonna have to see if I can dig one up to test out.

    Any other ideas that I might have missed?
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