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I'm currently looking for a new router to replace a D-link N router that is not performing as it should.

It needs to have, first and foremost:
-very good range (need to share network with guesthouse on property)
-guest network capabilities (again, to share network with others)

And not necessary, but would be nice (big house, lots of different computers):
-dual band wireless N
-gigabit ports

I'd be willing to pay up to $200 to get a solid router that will last me a good while and will support all these features.
I've been looking at Apple's Airport Extreme, and it seems like a possible choice, as we have both Macs and PC's in our network.

Any recommendations? I think the range is the most important part.
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  1. http://www.dlink.ca/products/?pid=643 I have this one its great. i have downloaded at 1.5 MB/s and played COD at the same time with no lag
  2. Can you comment on the range? And do you know if it has the guest network capability?
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